Thursday, December 6, 2012


My Friend Ayana,  gave birth to TWIN BOYS on Dec. 2nd, She had been on bed rest for over a month, and she still had the babies early. Each babe weighed 3lbs each....!! So tiny! They are breathing on their own, and doing really well, but will have at least a month or so in the hospital before they come  home...
I'm going up to see them on Monday after I distribute more BASICS quilts!

I had been saving this quilt for them, and now that I know what their names will be, I am adding their initials to the quilt.
These fabrics were from Thomas Knauer's Flock collections, paired with a nice soft blue/green gingham, and the block I used to make this is "Birds in the Air." A great block that gives you a lot of options for play, depending on how you lay it out..
I ran to the store the other day to find a water soluble marker to draw some quilting on on a quilt, this marker is from Clover Water Erasable Marker (Fine)...

Using Aurifil Thread 12 weight 2810., I'll embroider the babes initials on the quilt... I'm hoping it will be a throw around, and be spit up upon kind of quilt for the two of them. ;-) I like my quilts to beloved!
Looking for Aurifil 12 wt? CLICK HERE for a Store List

Any excuse to sit by the Christmas tree to sew... Do you do that?
Put on some Xmas tunes, snuggle up by the tree?
Such a fun time of year...

Do you have your Holiday Shopping done?
Holiday Cards? Just doing mine now!

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  1. I haven't done my cards, that's a job for Sunday. I've been busy getting quilts out, sewing the binding on another Sandy quilt and want to get that box in the mail. Did some shopping online, I ship fresh wreaths to friends out of town and am having 32 people over for cocktails on Sat night! Jingle Bells!

  2. Those fabrics look so great with gingham. Very fresh and clean looking for a drag-around quilt. Oh well, boys will be boys....

  3. What a beautiful little quilt - lucky boys! Still shopping. I must confess to giving up cards after parental illness made doing them impossible two years in a row.

  4. Aww, so sweet, love the baby quilts.

  5. What a great baby quilt - and personalized too! Lucky babies!

  6. oooo! I LOVE this! What a beautiful quilt - for any age! I love how the bright colors and how it's not obviously a baby quilt. And great idea to add their initials like that. I have twin girls 13 yo now....this makes me want to make a teen quilt in this fabric :-)

  7. I love this quilt. Hope momma and babies are continuing to do well. Just got my box this week. Beautiful! I can't wait to play with it! It looks yummy!

  8. Such a sweet quilt. I am sure they will enjoy it! I need to get moving on my cards since I hand make them every year and I haven't started yet. (Yikes!)

  9. Perfect baby quilt! Love sitting and stitching to Christmas tunes. Lots of binding to get done before the big day! Enjoy your holiday season:)

  10. Love those quilts and that gingham is so sweet. I have been loving some checks lately! We haven't gotten our tree yet but you make me want to hurry up. Shopping is under control but I have my daughter's birthday to get through first, eeks.

  11. Saw this on Alex's blog today and it really rocks, Victoria. It's just gorgeous! Well done!

  12. Lovely quilt. I bet it will be loved to death! No shopping done yet. I would rather make gifts and need to get started on those!!


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