Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Blahs.

I've had a interesting week. 

The elevator in our building died  on Thursday, and it looks like it will be out of service all this week. I have a very busy week coming up finishing projects, and errands, taping of Quilt Out loud, etc before we leave Saturday for Africa. 
I have friends coming to stay, so I am hoping, PLEASE, get the elevator fixed, so they won't have a hard time with the dogs and the stairs...
But for the moment, I'm getting pretty good at the stairs... LOL... I guess my New Year's resolution is starting early... Time to start working out again!

ALSO, I'm sick.
Totally bumming me out... I had planned to go see my friend Ayana's, twin baby boys on Monday, but not with the ear infection I have. Again I am HOPING that it will be gone by Saturday!! I can NOT imagine the long flight with a ear ache...  OUCH!!!

I was also going to deliver BASICS quilts tomorrow at another shelter... I may have them go deliver them without me, depending on when I can get to the doctor tomorrow...

I really need a break.

So today I am laying low at my house, binding a quilt, and keeping my studio clean.  I just  LOOK at the quilt that is on my design wall, and figure after Christmas I will get the rows sewn together... Dreaming of curling up under it for a big long warm nap...

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Jackie and I at Quilt Market, 2012


  1. Stay curled up and rest, maybe have a little chicken noodle soup, and perhaps you'll feel all better by tomorrow morn!! The quilt is gorgeous and will be a lovely treat to sew into rows after the holidays. :-)

  2. I prescribe rest, chicken noodle soup, peppermint tea, and lotsa hugs! Feel better soon!

  3. Sore ears and airplanes: not a good mix! I have survived a long-distance flight (out of NY to Switzerland, in fact) with an ear infection using those little plastic 'Earplane' plugs that you can pick up in a pharmacist or at the airport. They make a huge difference to managing the changes in air pressure, and particularly if you are snuffly or sore. But here's hoping you'll be better by then. x JJ

  4. I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly....ear issues and planes are horrible together. Hopefully your dr can get rid of it right quick! The zig zag quilt on your walk is awesome! I love it!

  5. ahhhh... feel better!! That sucks the big egg to be sick! and where is ALL YOUR STUFF???

  6. I hope you can lay low all week - or at least long enough to get ready for your trip. I'm guessing though that you had a pretty full week planned.....

  7. Always before you travel! Hunker down, stay warm and get well soon! Real soon! Have a wonderful holiday! And a very merry Christmas to you and yours x

  8. I HATE earaches! They are the WORST! After 20 years my son stopped by with one and you would have sworn he was two years old again! Got him to the Dr. and straight on antibiotics! Better now! Get in tomorrow and you should be spiffy by Saturday. Today? Lay low with tea and aspirin! Thinking good thoughts for you!

  9. Feel better! There's a great place that makes matzo ball soup near you!!!

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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