Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kick off your heels

Hmmmmmm, You know I like a good pair of heels.
Now what can I do with these?

Let's start by making a pattern...

 A pin here, maybe here too.
A bit of glue here, dab there...

 Sadly, these are a size 6. Or I'd most likely be wearing these... :-)

Heels for a cause?

Now to make a pair of size 12's for me!


  1. Those are fun, fun, fun! How cute they'd be just for decoration!

  2. Love those! And hmm... I am a 6 ;)

  3. There are no bounds to your imagination! Love them!

  4. This is so good and very innovative.

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  5. We covered our high heels in Home Ec class back in l958...only I chose a very conventional moss green jersey....but that was the 50's for ya! Now I want to try some made-fabric on my walking shoes. Gotta keep up.....

  6. You are too cute! Love those shoes. I'm thinking of doing that ot one of my arm chairs! Ha.

  7. Those are FANTASTIC! What a riot!

  8. SUPER-MAJOR-LOVE! love those... Soo darn cute!

  9. No way you wear a size 12!!!! I wish a I could still rock heels, deteriorated knees have knocked me off my stilettos for good :(

  10. The covered heels are great! SO FUN! I love your sparkly shoes!

  11. I love what you did with those shoes! So clever and colorful! I'd wear them! (well, if my foot were a size 6)

  12. Fabulous red heels made even more so with your special touch. And I thought I was the only one who wore a 12!!


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