Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite Moments

My most favorite moments on the Serengeti?
One: Sunsets with the moon high above where you could actually see the curve of the earth as you looked around 360 degrees....

TWO: Waking up at 2pm on Christmas eve night to the sounds of hundreds of Wildebeests and zebra running past our tent... the ground shook, and the noise was terrifying and exciting.. We made up a whole new set of verses for the 12 days of Christmas.... Instead of five golden rings, it was 5,000 wildebeests!  And falling asleep each night, to three prides of Lions ROARING at each other one  louder then the next...
 THREE: Find a wildebeest sneaking some greens at the next tent....

...and a giraffe on the other side....

 Watching the crazy ostrich...
 And the nuzzle of Cheetah cubs with mama...

FOUR: most humorous moment...  A female lion, ( below) chased a Leopard (above) up a neighboring tree...  It was a great stand off... Lions do not like Leopards...
 The lion scared the leopard to the very TIPPY TOP of the Acacia tree! See his head stitcking out?

 FIVE: We videoed this elephant tipping over a tree, to eat a bite off the top...then wandered away...

 SIX: An Incredible RAIN STORM that we thought we'd be stuck in out land cruiser for the night...

SEVEN:  Mama lions and her cubs at dusk... Nothing better and breathtaking.
EIGHT: a heard of 60 Giraffe in one spot....

NINE:  Do I need to say anything about this picture?

TEN: The people, the smiles, and our memories.... If you ever take any MAJOR trip in your life time...Make this your destination... I've traveled all over the globe, and this is by far, the most extraordinary place I have ever been too.


  1. a trip of a lifetime...thanks for sharing so many of those 2,000+ photos!

  2. Beautiful! I love the giraffe especially -- such an amazing photo. I hope one day to be fortunate enough to see such a sight. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, Victoria, the pictures are fabulous.

  4. Breathtaking, thanks for sharing your journey.
    Weren't you frightened sleeping in a tent?

  5. What a fabulous journey! I'm definitely looking into this for a near-future excursion. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos! What a trip this must have been!

  7. just amazing, what a wonderful experience you all had - love the photos thanks for sharing.

  8. Breathtaking, exciting, beautiful and frightening!

    I could never do that, but I certainly enjoy your experience.You seemed to have captured it in all it's glory.

    Is it the rainy season and cool?

    Loving the story.

  9. Amazing pictures....what a trip!

    And those 3 prides of lions roaring at each other at night.....they were saying, "Hey look.....lunch is in big canvas wrappers today!"

    I know I could never do this trip.....I freaked out when a goat escaped it's pen at the county fair! I'm so grateful for your pics, though. All beautiful!

  10. Your trip was awesome! Thanks for taking us along! I love the smiles of the people. The brightly-colored fabrics and adornments. Beautiful people!

  11. Do they have guards at night so nothing sneaks in your tent while You are sleeping? LOL
    Gorgeous shots and amazing wildlife, a memory to last a lifetime.


  12. Victoria,
    Thank you for sharing your trip through your wonderful photos! You were busy, busy!!

    I always enjoy your blog. Very inspiring!


  13. Welcome home, I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading, fabulous photos, looks like a trip of a lifetime. Happy New Year!

  14. Wonderful pictures! One of our grad students just returned to Tanzania. He told me it was THE place for a safari. What company did you use? I've been thinking about taking my husband to Africa for a big birthday.

  15. Thanks for sharing, V. It looks like the adventure of a lifetime!

  16. Great pictures! Welcome back!
    I am loving your book!

  17. Wow.....what a wonderful trip. I am not much of a traveler....but I think I could take a trip like that. Happy New Year.

  18. What can I say? "wow" doesn't do it. Your pics are awesome and your trip appears to have been one amazing experience. Thanks so much for sharing. LOVE your picture-story.

  19. WOW...your pictures are extraordinary! Wow~~~~!!!

  20. Thank you for sharing your absolutely amazing trip with us! The pictures are incredible!

  21. Visiting Africa is very high on my bucket list. Has been for a long time. I dream of it!


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