Friday, December 28, 2012

Arusha National Park.

Meru  Mountain next to Kilimanjaro

Arusha National Park

 Boo had been asking us, "What animal do you think we will see first?

Giraffe.  Very cool.

Baby Zebra about a week old.
Colobus Monkeys


Cape Buffalo

 Sometimes nature, was not more then a few feet from our hands... or HEADS!

We bravely walked out in the woods with a RANGER, (with a gun!) to a waterfall.... Our guide Henry on the Left, Me, the ranger, and my hubby.  We were told what to do if an animal charged us... lay flat on the ground, and the Ranger would take care of it. LOL!  The only thing we came upon was a family of warthogs with babies, zebra and some cape buffalo. Pheew!

The ranger shared with me that he was also a Preacher... He said he knew God existed because he had taken another group out once, and they came upon a family of lions.  Everyone laid down, and he stood with his rifle. The lions did not attack, as he said he stood their praying to God.... That is how he knows, God exists...
I said, so you work as a ranger all week, then a Preacher on weekends?  He said, "I'm praying right now..."

It may have been ME, who let out a screech, as a monkey jumped over my head.
... to much enjoyment of my family.


  1. What an amazing trip! Such a great story. Love the photo of your daughter and the jumping monkey!

  2. What an adventure and what a beautiful country.
    The pics are great , hope to see more.

  3. I love it - a ranger with a rifle - not something you would see often in say Yellowstone National park for instance.
    bet you all made a lot of memories.

  4. My very favorite animal in the world (other than my Abby) is a giraffe. LOVE the crystal clear animal photos. Such up close and personal animal photos.

  5. Love the photos! They look soooo much like some of the one's Rod took when there...of course you, Boo and Michael weren't in them... Hehehehe... Love the story of the Ranger. Although I am not so sure I would have been saying Pheew about the cape buffalo, if they charged I would have been asking him to pray much harder.

  6. What an amazing adventure and I can see how enthralled Boo is, by her big smile.


  7. Yep, prayer works, but in the case of wild animals, sometimes you need a good rifle. Smart ranger.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. So beautiful!

  8. trip of a lifetime! thanks for sharing!

  9. How blessed you are to spend such and incredible time with your family! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  10. What an amazing vacation and Boo will never forget these days together with you and hubby. Such a wonderful experience for you all. Thanks for sharing. More please!

  11. Oh oh. What a treat to see through your trip through your camera eye. You are truly blessed

  12. What an adventure!
    I can't wait to hear more :0)

    Welcome home, hope the jetlag leaves you soon and you have a very blessed 2013.

  13. Thanks for sharing your pics. Giraffes were the first animals we saw too, when I took my daughter to South Africa! Apart from the troop of baboons that moved past me as I was writing in my diary alone, early in the morning. It's a magical continent.


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