Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Play day!

What a fun day I had, Tuesday! A PLAYdate! Julie, came by to do some Outside the box PLAYING! She had the winning bid, at Quilters Take Manhattan, to come up to my studio, get my new book, to play(sew)  and have lunch.  I can tell you, we had a lot of things in common!  It made for a truly delightful day. We Made Fabric, tried new techniques, got out the templates, and had some fun with those, and...

 Made a big delightful mess!  You know we were having fun, by how much fabric was flying around!


Are you making a big old  happy mess lately?

Michele at the QUILTING GALLERY, has been working on FABULOUS mess of blocks and quilts for her Sandy Quilt Block Drive.  She says: "We're off to an amazing start for the first week.  This will be a long-term, ongoing initiative, so folks can sign up at any time."
Current numbers:

Total number of quilts: 38

Total number of blocks needed: 1,596

Total number of blocks being made: 1,230

Currently, we still need 366 blocks to match with team leaders.
It's a fluid situation, so these numbers will change all the time.

Thank you Michele! Your efforts are APPLAUDED from NYC!

Accepting quilts... Please visit


  1. HAY! Tuesday must have been the day to Play. I got one of the women I quilt with started with 15min. A crate of someone's scraps (not her's or mine) and away she went. Happy as Larry. We made a big mess then just squished it back in the box for another day.

  2. Your mess looks lovely. Yes I like a mess that brings on inspiration. Sometimes there are fabrics we forget about burried under others and wow!!! A fresh look. Sadly my sewing machine died today..Im left without for a while.

  3. Those kinds of "messes" are so awesome! It appears that you and Julie were extremely 'productive'. That's my kind of environment!!! Hugs, Doreen

  4. My dear hubby would agree about the mess - he loves it when, emptying the trash, I have a full can in my studio - because he knows sewing makes me happy! and you know what they say, happy wife happy life! lol - your post makes me want to have a play day - have a beautiful day!

  5. What FUN! I love donating blocks...I just sent off my 'color study' blocks since I was stumped how to set them to Color My World. She is making quilts for Sandy too! I'll check out Michelle! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the block-donation link!
    Wish I could send a quilt but have nothing available or anywhere near finished to donate, and was hoping to contribute blocks somewhere.

  7. Oh yeah, that looks like big, colorful fun!

  8. Lots of color flying around. That is inspirational for me. Love your new book. Looking at this post gives me more ideas for my crumb blocks. I was thinking in such a narrow focus. This post has made me think outside the box. Thank you so much.


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