Tuesday, October 9, 2012

to market, to market

Fabric is a flying over here! I've made 5 projects for Quilt Market so far, a couple to go...Besides a few other commission deadlines thrown in, the past two weeks have been turning my hair grey.

Oh wait, my hair IS grey! 

OK, well, maybe a little bit grey-er around the edges! But I love a good push to finish things up, I feel so productive!  Alas, though, it leaves me without anything fabulous to share with you, other then some sneak peeks...

I can share this with you!  The new issue of Quilt Trends has an article on Cyndi Souder and her Power Suit Challenge!  My quilt is among those listed in the article. If you get a chance to see the quilts from this touring exhibit, please check them out, so many fun works! Inspirational! Here's my OLD post about this project. We also have the Art and old Lace exhibit that will be going around as well... Stay tuned!

And this article in THE QUILT LIFE... I tried to let slip by...
But, Jackie called me on it last night...LOL!

I'm all for posting anything about the QUILT ALLIANCE,so go check out the Article!

Why did I try to let it slip by? 
Well, let's just say... It's not my best photo...LOL!
haha. Ok, now you must go see it,so you can laugh and draw fake mustaches on me...
This was before my Q.S.O.S interview last year... I look like I am about to have my teeth removed...

hahahaha! One must laugh at themselves, I was so nervous!

BUT! Its' a great article that talks about what we are doing with the Quilt Alliance and
These interviews, the Q.S.O.S interviews?
You can do these yourselves!
I'm sure you have someone you'd love to hear talk about their quilts! 
Friends, grandparents, mothers, grandfathers etc! SAVE THOSE STORIES!!
Learn more about that here.

OK... I must go clean the dust bunnies out of my JUKI. It's been going 100 MPH over here...
Cotton Batting Fur balls, are flying!

Have I said, how much I LOVE MY JUKI?
I do.
I really, really do.


  1. I still haven't recovered from being in the slow lane while you and Mary were sewing 100 miles an hour on your Jukis...xo

  2. It is not your worst photo either. You are always looking pretty good even on a bad day. Hmmmm.... that Juki looks pretty idle in the photo.... better get back to work. Man, so in order to see you we actually have to go to Houston... who thought! See you there!

  3. When's the book coming out again? I can't wait for it!

  4. I love the gray quilts very nice !!

  5. Lots of excitement at your place! Hope I haven't missed you on the Today show. With all you've got going on, that little appearance could just slip your mind. ; >

  6. I love that gray quilt!!! And am with ya on those Juki machines.....love mine!! What brand of extension table is that with the Juki?? I only have the one that came with the machine and it's not near large enough! Keep on "motoring"!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  7. Doreen, I can't respond to your comment, that no reply thing.. and I can't leave a comment on your wordpress page... is it a full moon?

    I custom ordered my extension table from

  8. You just convinced me...I need a Juki... if I ever want to catch up on all my WIPs.
    Love that Power Suit quilt. Any feminine versions in this exhibit?

  9. Oh my goodness you have been busy!
    Well dear girl you have to take a bad picture every once in a while........but most of them are terrific so you are right just give it a little laugh and move on.
    I'm with Bonnie ....that Juki can really fly, me I am happy in the slow lane :0)....you scare me with that thing!

    Good luck in Huston, safe travels and keep us posted!

  10. i think i like your juki too :) Look at it all sexy & shiny over there...

    Also, If that was not my best photo I'd be the happiest person alive. Can I have your arms and collarbones? Sigh...

    Big Big hugs lovely lady :)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. love my jukie too!! cleaned it good few days ago, even took the bottom plate off, oiled it and changed the needle. also love my john deere lawnmower!!


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