Saturday, October 6, 2012


Great MOD meeting yesterday!  Thomas Knauer challenged our group to make SUPER MODERN & FUN baby quilts from his Savanna Bop fabric line. So if you pop over to the guild's blog you can see the whole parade of quilts!  Fun fabrics to use for the challenge! This was my quilt, above.   A very random string quilt, (something I had never made before!) where I continually kept running out of fabrics...first orange, then red, then red with gold crosses on it...and the same for the blues!  I really love it and had so much fun making it. Thanks THOMAS for inspiring us!

This was our first meeting of the season and we had a full turn out. Great fun! So many great quilts were made over the summer. We had a few visitors, for instance, this gentleman (below), who is from NYC, but lives in LONDON, (London modern guild),  He was visiting his mother who has his longarm machine at her place...So he brought a few quilts along to long arm while he's here. hehe.

He did this very cool small square pixelated version of Jimmy Hendrix's album cover. See below? Can you see it? Very cool. Be sure to check the MOD blog later for a show and tell recap.

It was a great meeting... and our LAST meeting in my home! We've outgrown my place, so we've found a new space for meetings. Not an easy, or cheap thing to do in NYC... But we're excited for the move and no one will have to sit on the floor anymore!   YAY! 

I spent the evening playing with Newcastle Fabrics line of "Margo's Shirtings"... LOVE LOVE LOVE the line... Visit their facebook page and LIKE them...Cool stuff!
I've already made two baby quilts with it, and now want to make one more...for me!

Do you scour goodwills and thrift for shirtings? 
My collection has grown significantly... and now I am buying yardage of shirtings... where will I store them all! sigh!


  1. Oh boy looks like a fun group, no one seems to mind the floor :0).
    So what does it take to start a mod group? I might give it a go when I move :0).

    Happy Sewing, I see my friend Debby there too.

  2. love those shirtings , trust me you can never have enough shirtings!!!!! and that quilt of Jimmy Hendrix way too cool!

  3. Thanks for the magnificent show and tell over at your Guild's blog. Loved yours and the other quilters Thomas Knauer quilts too.

  4. I just finished one of these also.........would post if I knew how......... :-) Fun but tough lining up because I didn't cut squares totally equally!!!!! I'm not a precision quilter for sure........

  5. looks like newcastle fabric is my new favorite place!

  6. hey, is that Michael Caputo?
    Met him at my first LMQG meeting
    Tell him that he must get on with the Velocity challenge and that we missed him at LMQG meeting today!

  7. I have a collection of shirtings that are patiently waiting to be made into a quilt project that is on my "to do" list. ;-) I also have a shirtings twin size quilt in blue and whites that was made by my mother-in-law in the early 1930's. Fabrics are older than that but her future MIL used them to teach her how to piece a quilt. :-)
    Good that you have found space for the MOD group. Going now to check out the baby quilts.........

  8. What a great turnout! I went over to the guild posts and what a fantastic variety of quilts! I really like your string quilt. I think running out of fabric added a huge amount of interest the quilt! Love it!


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