Monday, October 29, 2012

Book stuff!!!

Market Fun!  Oh My! Market has finished! All the excitement of School house presentations, book signings, and trunks shows, has been muddled together with Hurricane Sandy... Mixed feelings, being stuck here, while my family is back in NYC tonight...I did hear that it is now a super storm, not a hurricane any longer... Here's hoping.
While there is no way I could possibly be back there to be with my family... let me share with you, some of what has been happening down here in Houston.

Book Signings!  C&T publishing gave away a box of my books, and I got to park myself, to sign them all! Here Pam, Jackie and Sarah Fielke and 30 others!  So fun! I got to meet so nice people who said such nice things about me work...and I didn't even pay them!
Go figure!

(If you are here for FESTIVAL, you can buy my book at the Craftsman's Touch, booth 1110. I'll be there 5-7 thursday to sign books!)

Jackie was super helpful with the camera and also handing out the candy! Chocolate!... It's been great having such a good friends around!

We laughed so hard...I had Jackie take pictures at my "School House" presentation for my book, and I teased her, because, well, I had a lot "interesting"  photos, like this one below... So, you can see just why we laughed... hahaha!  Don't worry Jackie... It's me, not you! I really do take goofy pictures when I am talking!

I really didn't  pick my nose during my presentation... ROFL!  It only looks this way!  
So funny.

Here's another great one, with my hand again strategically placed!  hahaha! I laughed so hard!
I can laugh at myself!  It's pretty funny, right?

A bunch of them were good! See, Jackie! This one is nice!

Thanks Jackie, you are fabulous! ;-)  hehe!  And I am so happy you are home safe and sound tonight... I am still here for FESTIVAL, with book signings this week, with a plane ticket home, friday (Hoping I can still get home then) will post more tomorrow...

More fun stuff to share later! (demo's, trunk shows, QUILTS! and...MORE news!) STAY TUNED!

Don't forget my Book is available for Autographed pre-orders at my website...
Books will be mailing mid November.

Stay Safe, East Coast!


  1. Thanks for sharing and so enjoyed the 'photography'....thinking good thoughts for your loved ones back in NYC...and that your flight WILL leave as planned.

  2. How exciting! I'm so looking forward to putting the book on my list for Santa.

    Hope your folk in NY are OK, and that you get home safe and sound.

  3. Hope your family stays safe...Jackie does take interesting photos!?

  4. Very exciting to see you and your quilts at Market! Wish I was there at the book signing. Thinking good thoughts for the safety of your family in NYC. Some of the pictures are hard to believe. Have a safe trip home.

  5. So good to see you having a blast! Hope all are safe back in NYC and you get home safely on time too! In the mean time, go rock their socks off!

  6. Yay!!!! so much fun for you and everyone who got to see you. hurrah!

  7. Hehehehehehe... Wow you are right, those photos I took are pretty funny. Thank goodness there were a few good ones in the bunch! I can't begin to tell you how happy it made me to be able to share these happy days with you!! Too much fun.. well earned and well deserved too! Wishing your book sells millions!

  8. Looks like you are having a great time! The quilts look fantastic! I will keep good thoughts that your flight gets out on Friday along with any Marathoners heading to the big apple.

  9. love seeing more of your quilts...can't wait for my book to arrive...thank you for your inspiration and helping me break out of my traditional and matchy/matchy box (see today's post on blog)!

  10. School house Rock! Yeah for you Victoria your quilts never looked so good and you look fabulous too. I think many of us have no idea how hard it is to get a book out there and all the work that goes into it besides just making the quilts and writing the book!
    It's a mess back here in NY but we'll all recover. No mass transit since Sunday night at 7PM....looks like that could go on for sometime too.
    Hopefully by Friday you can get back into NYC.

    Congratulations on your first Schoolhouse presentation and you know I wish you continued success.

    Happy Sewing

  11. My thoughts are with you, Boo and your DH. Please stay safe!

  12. Looks like market was fun. I'm so happy for you and your success.

  13. i'am so sad not possible for me being in Houston your quilts are so colourful and i like them so much but France is too far from you.
    perhaps i'll have the chance someday to go there, if i wish it hardly!!!!!!

  14. Big hugs. I know it was tough being away from home with all this storm madness going on.

    BTW, I **LOVE** the chartreuse pants. Looks like you had a great schoolhouse session.

    The nose picking pic cracked me up! It always seems my pics come out crazy like that, too!

  15. You look just great, and it looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get my book. I seriously think about it every day!

  16. So exciting! You look great, even when you're picking your nose. Thinking of you and your sweeties back home.

  17. I enjoyed seeing the photos on Jackie's blog, really nice shots of your presentation. I hope everything is ok in the city and on the island. We kept our power, had one tree fall and of course it lands on my fence, lol.


  18. I am a frequent reader, and participate in my own little way. Just hope that your family is safe and well as we all ride out the aftermath of Sandy.

  19. All my East coast North American bloggy friends have been in my thoughts the last 48 hours. Hang on everyone . I hope you are all safe!

  20. Your quilts look beautiful. I will order a book from your website. I need an autographed copy.

  21. I'm so sad that I missed your signing! I'll just have to order a copy of your darling book! :)

  22. Excellent photos and beautiful bright quilts!!
    Would really love a copy of your book but will have to wait until payday!! :-((
    Won't be long though and I shall be back!!! Hahahaha!!


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