Monday, September 24, 2012

This weeks projects...

The Blocks from the  Quilt Alliance "After Dark" party are all together, and I have them all up on my wall to LOOK at for a few days, until I decide what is next. The colors are so bright and happy, it will be a fun challenge to work out.

Can you go LIKE the Quilt Alliance page? We'd appreciate it!  Are you a member?  (becoming a member usually includes some fabric goody of some sort! Whatever we have left from our sponsors!)

I got a little distracted last night, that's not always a bad thing! I had extra leather here in the studio from when I recovered a couple chairs last year, and finally decided what to do with it!  I bought the yellow handles last year at the Quilting expo, and thought that they would be fun to use on the leather to make a tote/purse/bag. Leather is so fun to work with! You can trim edges to scallops and leave it... Add some fun colored thread and then, Walla! A fancy bag!

I'm not done with it yet, almost! I have to tie off my threads off, and make the wallet for it after I buy a yellow zipper! Can I just say that I SO LOVE MY JUKI.... Leather is no problem...

Now back to what I SHOULD be doing... 
This week I will be focused on quilting the Community kids quilt and starting a new commission project. 

Must. Get. To. It.

I had a very lazy weekend... and ready to jump right back into work.

Got a creative goal for the week?


  1. LOVE the bag! You have a lot on your plate this week AND XMAS blocks and 'friend' blocks are gonna bombard you this week for your next two projects!!! I am getting busy on my own Christmas quilt now that I pulled fabrics for yours! Oh and a sunflower. I have to make a sunflower this week! Have a good week!

  2. My goal is to try and keep my sanity. We are short 3people artwork, forcing the remainder of us to work extra hours. Means I am too tired todo much......

  3. Well, those blocks are fabulous and your new bag is to die for!! Way to go!!

  4. Very nice pieces. Im afraid for me, I cant get creative with a goal I just get nervous. It zaps creativity right out of me..It looks like you are making progress with projects..

  5. Awen (GD) and I are going to make her a skirt.
    Also go to the moviesand enjoy each other and her younger brother and Grampa too.
    But first I get to go quilting with the big girls today.
    Enjoy your stitching.

  6. Loe the scalloped edging on the bag, great tote for fall. My creative goal is to get my blocks all finished for my BASICS quilt. I've got stacks of 1/2 sq tri's made, a stack of blocks done, the binding cut and just need to cut up the last bit of fabric for as many blocks as I can make. Then it's design time!


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