Sunday, September 16, 2012

QTM event!

What a Amazing day! Above, Meg Cox, president of the Alliance, Interviews Denyse Schmidt for her Q.S.O.S. interview. This was a great snap shot into the creative life into Denyse's work.  She had quilts from her latest book Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration: 20 New Designs with Historic Roots (Stc Craft / Melanie Falick Book).

One thing I'd like to say, the Q.S.O.S. interviews are not just for well known quilters. The grass roots program of Quilters: Save Our Stories, is a program that YOU CAN LEARN to do where ever you are. Have a family member who quilts?  SAVE THEIR STORIES!!

This is for anyone to learn how to  document,save and share these stories, to keep them in the library of congress.

Go to this page:
And click where it says BROWSE BY: 

Read and learn how you can contribute to this project.
At my guild meeting, we do two or three each year, of our members... It's a great way to get to know your peeps, and do something great for quilt history!

We next had Jennifer Chiaverini speak. It was interesting to hear how she began writing about quilts in her novels. Her new book will be out in October.

Some of Jennifer's other books include:

We had a full house, Lead by our FABULOUS head of the Quilt Alliance, Amy Milne. ( below)
Are you a member?
 "Vanna", AKA: Luke Haynes, Also a Alliance board member, handed out many raffle/door prizes.
The super fabulous sweetheart, Marie Bostwick,( her new book Ties That Bind (Cobbled Court Quilts)) gave a great "Mark Lipinski" like speech, in Mark's absence. As many of you know, Mark has been dealing with kidney failure, and right now, he needs our thoughts and well wishes. Fingers crossed that he will be getting his transplant in a couple weeks. he was very sad, not being able to attend yesterday.

 The Quilt Alliance "Home is where the heart is" Challenge quilts were on display.and I have to say, they were amazing in person! If you get a chance to see these as they travel around with the Quilting expo, please do go see them. I will post when these quilts go up for auction... I have my eye on a few of them.. Crazy good workmanship...Quilters ROCK!

It was great fun for me to meet Paula, she's been reading my blog for ages! It's always nice to meet face to face!  She was ALSO, "the person who traveled the FARTHEST" to come to our event! Vancouver! (she rec'd a award for that!) She had a great story about her , "Denyse Schmidt" print skirt. he husband made it for her!  he wanted to take the class with her, so he did and made this. How dang sweet is that?  It did not go UN-noticed either, Denyse referenced her skirt, in her talk... So great to meet you Paula!

And, My NYC Metro MOD's represented the Show very well! A few people missed the photo, but here's a pic of the fabulous members. I love these guys. Nothing feels better than having your quilt-y friends around to share the quilt love bond!

And lastly, SAVE THE DATE!  
What a few of you thought was my BOOK, was actually a Post card for the Book Signing EVENT!  
My book will not be available til mid November to your local quilt shops! (support your local quilt shops!)

They will have it in stock in December...
Also, I will have signed copies available on my website,  as soon as I get my grubby little hands on them. ;-) Will keep you posted!

I'm off for a nap....
More pics will come this week from the "After Dark Party" here at my loft!

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  1. looks like a good time! I was especially happy to see a picture of Paula! She's a friend and fellow VMQG member. I guess I don't feel bad that she missed our retreat yesterday!

  2. Thanks for sharing with those of us who could not be there!

  3. What a great event! It's fun to see Paula, a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild member since our very first meeting, mentioned in your post! Our guild had a retreat yesterday and we were thinking of Paula on her trip to NYC. Can't wait to hear more about it when she gets back to British Columbia!

  4. It was an amazing day! From the fascinating stories shared by Denyse Scmidt and Jennifer Chiaverini to all the hugging of dear quiltmates, there was such a special aura of comaraderie that is the best part of quilting for me.

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time! You're right, nothing like your quilty friends!!


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