Friday, September 7, 2012

Groovy quilt

I've made a big mess in my studio... just by unpacking...No big surprise there...
Instead of cleaning it, just this second... I quilted up my NYC MOD : Thomas Knauer Baby Challenge quilt, using his new line of fabrics Savanna Bop for Andover. He wanted to see some Really fun MODERN baby quilts. We could add anything we wanted to the line, so I picked some solids, and a few other fun quirky scraps for punch. Fun prints!  I was so drawn to the orange, coral colors, that I decided to PUMP UP THE VOLUME a bit...

 I added a very FUN Terrie Mangat zigzag print across the back, crazy fun!

I was inspired by a vintage string quilt I saw, a string quilt: Something I had never made!  When you look at the old quilts, and you see that they used what they had, continued to run out of things to match etc, and they filled in with whatever....well,  That is exactly what happened when I made this. I kept running out of medium blue, light blue, and three different oranges, so I made do with whatever I had, and left the strings be all different sizes...  I love it! It's all over the place and kind of groovy! Is that un-cool to say? I'll check with my middle school-er... LOL!

Will show you the complete quilt when I get the binding complete/washed and blocked...
Half way to go!


  1. That orange just makes it SING... wonderful quilt.

  2. Oh what a beautiful quilt, I really love the backing, its just perfect!

  3. That is a great quilt! The backing is so perfect!

  4. What fun! LOVE that wild zigzag fabric on the back!

  5. I think groovy is a very appropriate word for it. And I DO love that backing! Wow!

  6. Now I know why you and i don't have whites. I adore strong bright baby quilts. SO much orange Happy

  7. LOVE this!!! Scrappy...bold color...awesome backing (gotta love Terrie Mangat!)---what's not to adore?!!!

  8. Love your bright colors ... I went completely the opposite direction (except the pieced back) ... looking forward to seeing all the quilts.

  9. i love this quilt! the colors are amazing. and the fabric on the back? perfect!


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