Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jackie's Blogger BOM for JULY!

I can't believe JULY is here!!Summer has been so great, and right now
 I am sitting on the deck looking out at the lake... Hope your summer is great!

 Jackie's BLOGGER BOM is up to JULY!!!

Are you ready for the  SPLIT OHIO STAR?
 the layout is above.

Cutting Instructions are:

 One Square Yellow: 3 1/4" block
One grey square : 3 1/4" block

 Cut Two of each color  3 5/8" squares
( two yellow and two gray)
cut diagonally, but use only THREE triangles of each color.
Sew one yellow HST to one Grey HST and press. 
(You will have three Yellow/Gray HST's)

 Cut one Yellow 4" square, 
One Gray 4" square and cut them diagonally twice,
 so you have 4 small triangles.

Cut also,
 a block each of your two greens, 
one pink 
and one of purple,
4" squares of each, cut diagonally twice. ( giving you 4 triangles)
using only two of the small triangles of each color.

Sew your Purples to grays,
Yellow's to greens, matching your points and press.
All the blocks square up to 3.25"

 Here's your layout:
HST, Broken dish, solid gray
Broken dish, HST, broken dish
Solid, Broken dish, HST

Note that you are laying out your HST's to make the divide between the two colors.

 Sew your top row together, middle row, and bottom....

Then sew your rows together and press!


You can spy my Split Ohio Stars, bottom row, right block:  in pink and gray
and top row, right block: in yellow gray and orange.


  1. I love it V! Lots of possibilities with your block too. Your shirt stripe blocks are looking fabulous. xo

  2. oh, I love it Victoria! Can't wait to get started :)

  3. Excellent block choice and a great compliment to Stephanie's block too.

  4. Love your block! Can't wait to get mine sewn up. Thanks!

  5. LOVE this one! Your blocks look fantastique...

  6. So your blocks on your design wall have the center block flipped...either way is good to go?
    Love it and as soon as I get home I'll make it!

    Thanks V. and Happy Sewing

  7. Wonderful block, Victoria! Can see already it's going to be one of my favorites to play with.

  8. I thought all the blocks were to finish at 8 1/2". Yours finishes at 8 3/4" and you can't trim it down unless you want to cut the corners off.

  9. Hi! Yes, it is the measurements for a 8.5" block. It Finishes at 8".

  10. Great block - love the diagonal background just like the star we did. I think it will look stunning with the other blocks. I've made two blocks and cant wait to get home from vacation and lay it up next to the other blocks.

  11. I also think it will make a 8 3/4 inch block. If the corner squares are 3 1/4 inches (sewn 2 3/4), times three rows that makes it 8 1/4 without seam allowance, which in turn would make it an 8 3/4 inch block including seam allowance.

  12. Will be sewing my block tomorrow morning! Thanks, I think it is a lovely block!


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