Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road trip Goodies

The best part about road trips is all the Antique shops I may never graze through again!  I mean... I can not find quilt tops for $14 around here!    The one below, is in perfect condition and it was $9.50!  It will take me minutes to put in some pieces around it and call it a day. It's so pretty!   LOVE finds like this!

On the way out of Ohio, Boo and I stopped off at Stephanie's place, (loft creations) You all guessed it was Abby! Popular dog!  It was indeed the best part of the trip! Don't get me wrong, the show was fun, Sadly, I didn't take a lot of pictures, sorry! I was so busy keeping Boo entertained... I did take pictures of the NYC MOD exhibit, you can see pics at the MOD blog. 

Jackie, Look it's your little quilt hanging over Stephanie's Machine! ;-)

Hmm, where was I?
oh yes!
When we got to Stephanie's I had some fabric for her, and she turned around and gave me this old top! Seriously!  Thank you Stephanie, I will finish it off to be something fun!

Boo had such a blast with Abby, She enjoyed it as much as I did! Here's Stephanie and I, making her be  our photographer... ;-)

Earlier, we were in a quilt shop, The Glass Thimble, in Ohio, and I hear someone say, "VICTORIA!" behind me, and wouldn't you know it, my friend Linda (longarmer from Cottage Garden quilts) walked in...  Who knew I could run into someone I know in a random quilt shop in Ohio?  Linda has quilted a bunch of my quilts.  So nice to catch up with her again! What a fun place to run into her too!

We drove back most of the day on Sunday, and had two  hours to stop off in NYC, before picking up my mother from the airport.  It was just enough time for me to lay out a king size quilt and get it basted! I didn't have a floor space big enough at my house to do it... LOL! Glad I planned ahead! Now I must get quilting on it. I have not yet found my rhythm here, I need to get organized and get some work done.

It's so good to be home!!!


  1. Love the top you got from Stephanie! I have a vintage quilt top that I need inspiration to finish - help!!!

  2. I love the vintage goodies! I hope I am so lucky when I go to Saratoga later this summer. Sounds like a great trip with lots of good memories.
    What is that I see? Camo? ooh....

  3. Wow! Drooling over those great old tops!!

  4. You do great treasure hunting! Love those old tops, which deserve a new life. And congratulations for your book!
    best, nadia

  5. You really scored on the vintage tops. They have the perfect new home. Have fun.

  6. Eeeeek!! I can't believe the price you paid for those tops!! You are so right, we can't get tops like that for those prices around here... never! So glad that Stephanie still has the quilt I made her hanging there it looks great! What a great top from Stephanie! I know you will love all the tops, they have found a good home.

  7. Quilt tops for $9 and $14??? I need to retrace your journey and stop at your stops!

  8. What fantastic finds on your road trip! I never would have imagined finding such a deal on beautiful old quilt tops.

  9. Whaat a lovely Antique Quilt! Lucky You!

  10. that lone star is awesome!! LOVE the stripe!

  11. Victoria, I learned a new basting technique this spring from Cindy Needham that may help with your larger quilts in particular. She modifies a standard heavy duty banquet table such that you can accurately lay onto it the backing, batting and top, using PVC clips to tension before pin basting. You can baste any sized quilt on the table...no more crawling around the floor! I did my table top such that it converts into a cutting table as well. Worth checking out!

  12. I've never thought of looking for quilt tops in antique shops but I will now. I also live in Columbus and haven't been to the Glass Thimble, but I definitely want to check it out now!

  13. I have visited The Glass Thimble! Been meaning to blog it! I cannot find good deals on antique quilts or quilt tops at antique stores. They always cost too much. Amazing finds!


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