Saturday, June 2, 2012

Home is where the Quilt is.

The Alliance For American Quilts had their annual contest for small quilts again, this year. tTe deadline to send them in was June 1st.  Even though I am a board member and not able to be in the contest, we all make quilts and will auction the board member's quilts off, I believe, again, at the Quilter's Take Manhattan Event in September. ( see last post )  The quilts this year had to be in the shape of  a HOUSE, as the theme was "Home is Where the QUILT is."  I went with an image that reminds me of my grandmother (she was a great quilter)... The Virgin Mary.  It's an image that makes me think of her (my grandmother) , and it gives me a giggle... She had a very good sense of humor... and she also had a Virgin Mary in her garden with a BATHTUB around her as her shrine...  Which I always found very amusing...  So this image, conjures up warm happy fuzzies, when I see a Virgin Mary...

It was hard to part with her.  I hope one of you who come to the QTM ( Quilter's Take Manhattan)  event here in NYC, will purchase her, and give her a nice home... Everyone should have a quilted Mary... just because.  ;-)

Here's a few others that I have seen around blogland. These are so fun, you must see!




  1. Wow Victoria! Those entries (and yours!) are amazing!

  2. I love your contest quilt, Victoria. She is lovely, with all of your special details. I would love her in my studio, watching over me! And thank you for mentioning my blog on your blog. I appreciate that!

  3. it is exciting to see the quilts!

  4. Victoria,
    Nice job! I love this piece, very sentimental.

  5. what a wonderful piece maybe your DH will buy it for you
    what sentimental value it has
    I need to find the fabric with her printed on it
    would be fun to play around with her as a medallion perhaps?

  6. I love your piece, just brilliant!

  7. What an unusual little quilt. I love the daisies and the lace added, and the flowers. Thanks for the link to the others, great work.

  8. isnt it funny how certain things can trigger a memory of someone? love the quilt! and I too have seen Mary surrounded by bathtubs.

  9. She is very peaceful and inspiring. I really like the hand embroidery on this quilt.

  10. What a wonderful quilt! Thanks for sharing the other entries as well - very creative stuff!


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