Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilt Market 2012

OOOH! It's so nice to be home! Even when one has so much fun at Quilt Market.  Our NYC MOD GUILD quilt was on Display at the Michael Miller Booth.  The quilt was made with fabrics from  Michael Miller's Cotton Couture line of solids. We divided up all the fabrics and gave each member a baggie of scraps and asked them to make a 9 1/2" square in a very MOD design.  I worked up the quilt design,  then, Kim H and I made it all come together. Jackie (Canton Village quilt works) also a member, quilted it. You can see the quilt in Houston International Quilt Festival, in the Modern Quilt Exhibit this November.

Pat Sloan has a new line out with Moda!  Here she is showing off a new pattern. Isn't it sweet?  Check Pat's Blog, she has OODLES of pictures from Market.

I whipped up a quilt for Pat using one of her patterns.   There it hangs below!

Swung by Favorite,  Marcia Derse... it's always a party in her booth.  Anytime I'm looking for my friends, I find them in Marcia's booth...I mean really...  What is not to LOVE here?

See. I found Michele at Marcia's booth...  I found her there, back at Houston, last November, too, buying up all of Marcia's fabrics! LOL!

And not more than few steps awaywas Weeks Ringle...

Emily Herrick in her booth with her Quilts from the "Geared for Guys" Collection. 
Have you been keeping up on her Book tour?

My Friend Hoodie, was all decked out to match her collection, "Sow and Grow" for Timeless Treasures.

Myself, Shelly and Kim H had way to much fun last night at the MODERN meetup.  So great to meet so many of you face to face! What a great energy there was, and excitement over Quilt CON.  Will you be going?

That is a small taste of what the last few days held...  but for now, I hear my bed... calling my name.

So nice to be home!


  1. Obrigada por seu compartilhar,eu amo seus post,durma bem e muito.Beijo.

  2. Your group quilt came out beautifully, wonderful colors and designs. So fun to see the different booths and all of the wonderful new designs and fabrics.


  3. Sounds like everything was perfect in Kansas City!

  4. So glad that you all had a fantastic time! I am loving living vicariously through you!!

  5. Loved all the pics, but the NYC Mod quilt is just....ZOWIE!

  6. were with all my favorite quilters!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the NYC quilt. How perfect!

  7. What a fun time! Love seeing all the Market pictures. Your NYC group quilt is so fun. Great yellow background fabric.

  8. Sounds & Looks like Great Fun!


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