Saturday, April 14, 2012

All quilts, All the time!

A wonderful lecture by Gwen Marston showing many of her great quilts, and talking about her influence from traditional quilts... I loved seeing her abstract and really enjoyed seeing her more traditional "improvised" quilts... really beautiful work. Helen and Earamichia and I took a little drive to see her. More pics at Helen's Blog and
 Board Members representing for the Alliance of American Quilts, Michele Muska, Marie Bostwick, myself, Meg Cox,and Luke Haynes.
Also hit Luke's Opening last night.  See more pics here:

It was a FULL day of QUILTS!  So much fun! Off to Empire quilters today, pal Rayna Gillman is speaking today...  More quilts! Wahoo! more pics later... Enjoy the show and tell!

P.S. now you can see how I get so much done.... sewing, while I am wearing it..... LOL!


  1. Oh, such beautiful and colorful quilts!!!! Love the pic of you in the sunshine stitching. Gotta make the most of every moment, right? :-)

  2. Beautiful quilts... GM is one of the greats. As for the driving shot...Think you are taking "multi-tasking" to an extreme level!

  3. what an inspirational treat to hear Gwen Marston talk about her quilts ! Thanks for the photos - LOVE the photo of you !

  4. What great quilts, thanks for sharing. I too just been to a quilt show (pls check my blog) and so I am very inspired. Hope you don't drive & quilt at the same time :-)

  5. I'm sure you don't text and drive and there probably isn't a law (yet) about sewing and driving -
    wonderful use of your busy life!

  6. Lucky girl to see Gwen's quilts in person. I'll bet she has a great lecture. Are you finished with your wrap yet?

  7. Great pics Victoria. So nice to see Gwen and some of her quilts again.

    I like the photos of Luke too. He's like a quilt mullet. Business in the front, quilt party on the back.

  8. Really like the jacket.
    T-shirt is not all that warm is it?
    I wear zip up sweatshirts, comfort & moderatly warm, but not a great look. And I am growing tired of the look. Really like your jacket.
    Did you buy the original? Or make it?
    Now that you have shown us that you wear and work on the cute jacket, you need to disclose more about it.
    I like the way it hangs, and front is too cute, then you are adding some fun work, makes it even nicer. Not too quilty.

  9. How lucky for you to get a chance to see Gwen Marston. I've thought about signing up for one of her classes in Michigan.

  10. An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.Bridal silks


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