Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mother is starting to feel better, but it's not a smooth road yet...I won't be back on Tuesday as planned... Hoping for Thursday. Last week I got out a tiny bit, but the last few days I've not left the hospital for very long. I hope she's back on her tippy toes soon. ;-) She was up walking a bunch today, just have to get the numbers to match her behavior.
Here's a bit of what I did do last week...

Met up with Roseann! You may remember her from the Aurifil designer of the month for January.... Have you been keeping up on your stitchery?  Sherri Falls has February, and I have March! So stay tuned!

Roseann and I grabbed lunch AND she let me raid her store ( while it was closed!) ... wahoo!  She's such a doll, and Look Pat!  Your panels hang behind us! ;-)

Also had dinner wit Carol, I've been reading her blog since I started blogging... It's so nice to finally meet her after all these years!

Lucky!  I picked up this Hand appliqued/quilted baby quilt... $17...Can you believe it??  It's so stinking cute!!!

I also popped over to Sewtropolis and sat in at the MPLS modern quilt guild.  Love the enthusiasm!  Great shop too!

Next BASICS Distribution EVENT, February 24th 11:30-1pm.  So I hope to be back in time!
It's all about BABIES!!!  The wee babies and kids in the BASICS/PROMESA childcare programs, 
will be getting COATS and QUILTS!


  1. That baby quilt is delightful! What a find!!!

  2. Glad you mother is making progress... Love the intensity of the dog's expression at the guild meeting. It looks like she wishes she could sew!

  3. You almost sounds as busy (aka "overcommitted") as me!!!!

    Ok - I know a little about being in the hospital too long..... May I offer a word of advice? GET OUT OF THERE! I made myself go for 10 minutes every hour - and I mean OUTSIDE. Even if the weather's hellish. You're no good if you're worn out and exhausted! Tell Mom to keep working hard at getting better! Hope she's home soon!

  4. Great baby quilt find, and what a fun treat to get to sit in on their guild meeting. Hope your mom's tip toe-ing around her room right now! :o) xo

  5. Thinking of you both! It's good that you get to spend so much time with her in the hospital; long distance worrying is hard.

  6. Thanks for the update on your mom. We'll keep sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  7. Victoria, I just read about your Mother. All my prayers for you and her to be heading home soon. So glad she made it thru the surgery and is up and walking.

  8. Don't forget to rest and recharge your batteries too V.

    Happy sewing


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