Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colorful Interviews: Tallgrass Prairie Studio


Jacquie has a great sense for minimal color, and pack it with a punch in small 
doses to tip you right over into the wow factor!

Name a color you think are odd...
For me purple is odd with any color. While I really don't dislike this color scheme, in
fact, I think it's pretty, but it would be hard for me to use. It's funny because I adore
purple in nature, but take it out of its natural setting and I have trouble with it.

I have to say Jacquie, the thing I have found interesting when people have done the ODD palette,
I am always competly drawn too! I love this palette!

Is there a color you find you always use?
Orange is my favorite color and the brighter the better. It's always been my favorite.
I do like to tone it down with neutrals, but I love a splash of orange! I think it's
beautiful with gray and cream and put it with a deep chocolate brown and some
taupe and I'm in heaven. I was so happy to see tangerine tango as the pantone color
of the year for 2012!

What three colors do you use together the most?
Orange can get tiring, even I can admit that…a little goes a long way and sometimes
I gravitate toward what my children call Easter egg colors, especially light greens,
blues and aqua. I think those colors are so calm and soothing. I especially love them
paired with a deep, rich brown. This first color palette is my bedroom.

Can you relate your favorite color
to something in your childhood?
Not really, but my childhood definitely exposed me to color schemes and my mom
allowed me to experiment with color. My mom was "in" to color and decorating and
I grew up immersed in the colors of the 70's, avocado green and harvest gold. Then
my mother discovered colonial Williamsburg and I was introduced to the classic
colors of blues, burgundy and gold, and who could forget that dusty rose of the 80's!
My mom was an obsessive room painter, just like I am now. I have to thank her for
encouraging me to play with color.

What colors makes you feel happy and why?

It would have to be orange, fuchsia and lime green! I know that's three. They're all
bold and definitely make a statement! They're like little color energy shots!

Is there a color you avoid?
 I hate to admit it, but I've avoided purple for a long time. It took some convincing
for me to buy my first purple fabric and then to make a quilt with purple. I adore
that quilt and I'm so glad I put aside my purple prejudice! It's not good to avoid a
color, so I try not to limit myself. I think yellow is tricky too.

I do have a secret obsession with pink. I hardly ever use it, but I always seem to buy
it. I live in a testosterone heavy household and pink is not appreciated.

I'm not a color risk taker, though I would like to be. I tend to love a limited color
palette. I like to work with tints and shades of the same color and I really love
neutrals with just a bit of color. I would love to be more adventurous with color
because it seems when I push myself out of my comfort zone, I'm almost always
happy with the result.

Thanks Jacquie for sharing your thoughts on Color.  I'm with you on orange being a favorite...
Your stash looks so inviting and Organized! LOVELY!
be sure to stop by Jacquie's blog to say hi!

Next week: PAT SLOAN.


  1. I'm loving these interviews V, and I am in love with Jacquie's stash!!! Love that orange and grey quilt too. Fabulous! xo

  2. I am loving these color interviews. It's funny how one person's go-to color is another's uncomfortable color.

    I love orange. it's the happiest color. You just can't help but see something orange and smile...

    Keep the color love coming!

  3. Jacquie is a quilting genius!! Thanks for the interview!


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