Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colorful Interviews: Michele/Quilting Gallery

Thanks so much Victoria for asking me to play the colour game here on your site. 
 I'm Michele Foster and I own and manage the web site, Quilting Gallery. 
My site is 
dedicated to bringing quilters together from around the world 
and inspiring quilters' creativity. 

Is there a color you find you always use?

I love to use something bright to add a pop of colour to a quilt. 
I find pink, red, orange or yellow work well.  Here's my Blue and Yellow Fun
 quilt top that I completed a year or so ago, waiting to be quilted. 

Three colors you use most together.

I love scrappy quilts, so use all colours quite often. 
I do find myself gravitating towards the brighter, happy colours more 
often these days. 
I have two nieces and find I use pinks, purples and yellows more now than 
ever before. 
Here's the scrappy wonky log cabin quilt top that I need to get quilted 
and send to you for your Basics Quilt Drive .
Thank you Michele for the BASICS quilt! 

Can you relate your favorite color to something in your childhood?

No, I don't think so. When I was younger, my favourite colour was blue. 
Now it is purple.

What color makes you feel happy?

Yellow is my happy colour. When I moved into my current apartment, 
I had a nice warm yellow picked out for the living areas and a purple for the 
The colour I ended up with is several shades lighter than I wanted, 
but at least it's not 
builder's beige. The top is what I wanted, but the bottom is what 
I ended up with. 

Can you tell me why?

Yellow is sunshine!  I'm a summer girl. While I love yellow around me and to use in quilts, 
it's not really a colour I would wear, except as an accessory.

Is there a color you avoid?

I'm not overly fond of browns or pale, pastel colours. 

My colour palette includes pinks, purples and a yellow. 

Can you show us a picture  of your stash, please?

Here are couple of photos from my stash.  The first photo is just my 
hand-dyed fabrics. 
Some I've dyed myself, but most I purchased from a lady when she was 
closing up her shop. 
I was doing the happy dance that day.  The second photo are my miscellaneous
 fat quarters and some yardage.

A favorite quilt you've made that represents these colors you use often.

My Happy Memories quilt is my favourite. ( see post here) It was made to 
honor my three kitties who are now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. 

Thanks Victoria, it was fun answering these questions.  

Quilting Gallery 
Thanks Michele! Love your site!
Be sure to pop over and say hi to Michele! 
There is always many great posts, giveaways
 and Contests going on!
Next week, Mark Lipinski wraps up with his thoughts on color! 
That will be great fun!


  1. Gorgeous play with color in the hand dyed fabrics. I love hearing about the color moods in these interviews.

  2. I really, really want to play in her hand-dyed stash!!!

    i just LOVE these interviews!

  3. I've so enjoyed these interviews on colors!

  4. Great interview with Michele and I saw you at Aurifil's blog.

  5. Always interesting to see how great quilters use color. Hand dyes are just the best!


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