Sunday, January 22, 2012

VT weekend

Boo and I spent the weekend at our friend France's house in Vermont.  Baby it was COLD! But OOOH so beauuuuuutiful!  Frances has an amazing studio and house, where you can't help but get in a creative mood! This TREE above, was made by Frances. It's crammed full of ornaments and all sort of doodads to be displayed anytime of the year really! and it spins! oh so cool!

Boo found inspiration in France's things... She strung dyed Silk worm cases together for a Lovely necklace!
 And played quite a lot with the dogs! Here's Daffney. How cute is she?

I did some finishes on a panel project we're working on, and also a little 15minute play, (above)
for a gift for Frances for a lovely weekend.  I look forward to see what She does to finish it off. ;-)

I have Jury duty tomorrow.... I'm off to find some hand projects to take along!  
What will you be working on this week? Entertain me.. I'll be staring at my phone for hours tomorrow while I WAIT! :-)


  1. Fun weekend! It's cold and snowy here too ugh.

    Ewww...jury duty. I was called last year but was able to be excused because of commitments at work. The case was estimated to last through the summer - another good reason to get out of it!!! I'm sure you'll find something to keep you occupied as you sit...for hours...

  2. What a wonderful friend and place to visit, definitely inspirational. I am goofing off, relearning a new puter and decided I had to break down and get a new photoshop upgrade. Need to get back into a routine this week and start finishing my projects.


  3. Be careful last time I was in a court house, no books were allowed by jurors or hand work of any kind, make sure you have a place to store if you can't take it in with you.

    good luck tomorrow, and thanks for doing your civic duty, I hope if I ever need a jury of my peers, someone like you will be there for me.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Your VT weekend looks like a wonderful retreat. Did you get the snowstorm up there that we had here in CT (not sure what part of VT you were in) Love that tree and the dog and the studio and yours and Boo's creations!!

  5. France does beautiful work! Frank also got jury duty but his is with the Federal Grand Jury that runs for 6 months. We shall see what happens with that. Last time he served it was for the criminal charges against then Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.

    I will be working on my Tiny Tiny Houses and making some Tiny Tiny Trees to shade them. I need 366 houses and I ahve about 40 something. They are finishing at 3 inches.

    And finding more projects to clear out of my bucket list and get off my floor and fabric shelves. I have a retreat in the countryside in March. I can work till dawn and sleep till noon!

    glen and the bassets

  6. Fun weekend. VT is the state I want to visit before I die. :o) Sorry about jury duty...I'll be spending the week hand sewing binding on a wedding quilt, remaking a bag for a new pattern then writing the pattern, and figuring out a part of a new quilt pattern.

  7. Have never understood the purpose making jurors wait and wait and wait... bad business and they wonder why people do not want to take the time .....

    actually think you could do hand work and be better entertained that to wait for me to call you.

  8. Good luck with your jury duty. Hope you manage to get some nice hand sewing done and looking forward to seeing it. I'm doing knitting this week - finishing up a new warm teal blue jumper, neckline and sleeves, and mending an old very soft faded lilac wool favourite by re-knitting the ribbing. Love the pictures of Boo, she looks gorgeous.

  9. Your friend's tree and home remind me of my friend Cindy's creativeness. :-) What a great place to visit! This week, I'm going to "build" a little snowman quilt. Interestingly, there is not really enough real snow to build a real snowman but mine will be from wool. I have declared this a "no house cleaning week". I've done a ton of that with all the holiday comings and goings so I am taking a break. LOL!

  10. Beautiful place for a visit! I am making gobs of big pink tissue roses for a church valentine banquet.from Marlynne at

  11. Happy jury duty. Consider it to be an honor to work on a case. Think about what you would like if you were up there.

    Boo is adorable! And your Friend France does some beautiful work!

    It's sunny today up here in the Seattle area. I'm off to explore a local quilt shop and do some grocery shopping. I just finished a book, Girl Hunter, and it had some awesome recipes in there. I want to try them with chicken first.

    Since everything is new here in the PNW, It's a day of adventure exploring my new home.

    Be thoughtful on your jury decisions!

  12. The first picture makes me homesick for upstate NY - there were parts of winter I loved!! I am still hand quilting my Wedding Memories Linger quilt, a labor of love for me :).


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