Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 Interesting class on color with Kaffe and Liza. 
I had a blast playing in my REDS.  
We were all laying out Snowball quilts...  
I can see making this a large quilt with no borders, 
just all snowballs... 
No blendy borders. 
"Big RED".  That's a good name for this quilt.

 I like this gal's fuzzy cut flowers.  Bright and fun!

And these yellows were LOVELY!!!

And I came home with loads of Fabrics... LOL! 
Isn't that the most fun? Buying more fabrics?


  1. yep...buying more Kaffe Fasset fabrics, because they are so fun to collect and use in quilts. I love his work and colors. They make my heart sing!

  2. Looks like a fun class! I took two classes from him with Brandon about five years ago. Still using what I learned then.

  3. Fabulous. I love the red. Was Liza and Brandon there too? xo

  4. Loving all the snowballs! But especially yours and the yellow one too! FUN!

  5. wow! I love living in Winnipeg, but really, Kaffe and Brandon will never visit here. and I can't buy any of their fabrics here either. so I guess it's another trip to NYC or just drool from afar.

  6. Picking flowers & fabrics....What a great way to spend a January day!!!

  7. How fun. I really enjoy my Kaffe fabric, even when I use it to make new fabric. You went home with some very yummy ones.

  8. i love everything kaffe, fabric,yarn, mostly fabrics the colours are just so happy!
    i'm envious, i wish i was there!

  9. What a wonderful experience. Hope to get to one of his workshops some day.

  10. How fun! Thanks for sharing all the fabulous color.

  11. Wow , I did not know he was in NY . Did you go to a quiltshop ? or was his class independent ..I would like very much to take one of his color classes.In fact I was wondering how to make my house look as colorful as his is without the tendency to arrange things the old way I was taught.

  12. I love your 'BIG RED' quilt!! Great fabrics too! I did a workshop with Kaffe and Brandon last June and it was such a treat...to lose yourself in colour for a day....BLISS!!

  13. I'm so jealous!! That a fun day. Someday I hope to meet Kaffe and take a class with him. Love your quilt and the name.


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