Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colorful Interviews : Loft Creations

Today I asked Stephanie of Loft Creations about her Color choices. We all have a unique way of looking and thinking about color I thought it would be fun to hear the answers from many favorite quilters, and see how each week the relate or not to each other, and to ourselves!  Be sure to stop back each week for a new interview.

So here goes... her answers were emailed to me in GREEN, of course! ;-)

Besides butterscotch and magenta, That you already told me are ODD colors. I love odd! ;-)
Name three other colors you think are odd together....purple/orange/blue

Is there a color you find you always use? I think of you as lime green and blue ;-)  There always seems to be green in my projects--I love all shades--lime, olive, mint--so there seems to be a green that goes with everything.  I think it can be a neutral as well.

Three colors you use most?  Blue, green and probably grey--which seems to be the new white
Can you relate your favorite color to something in your childhood?  Not particularly--my favorite color has been green for as long as I can remember--I grew up in the California desert and always loved going to Grandma's house in the city with all of that pretty green grass.
What color makes you feel happy? Although shades of blue and green are my favorites I do love girlie pink--especially if there a polka dots with it.  Pink is an innocent color filled with sweetness--like rosy baby cheeks.  How can pink not make you feel happy?

Is there a color you avoid?  Purple has never been a member of my color parade

A Favorite Quilt... Circa 2006.  NY Beauty all made with hand dyes and batik, all paper pieced.
Made for my daughter--she selected the pattern and fabric choices.  Over 300
different fabrics.  This was the start of me getting out of my color tunnel
The quilt is called A Degree of Color

Stephanie made a palette that she thought reflects me... I think the perception that others have about the way we work is very interesting...

I do love orange!  It's my all time favorite color, but I yet to make an orange quilt... Now Purple...  I love purple.. I have made many many purple toned quilts... and that GOLD color... sigh. LOVE IT... I do have a lot of that color! I love the palette you made for me, Stephanie! THANK YOU!

I also made a palette for Stephanie, when I think of her and her quilts, this what I made for her... compare mine to her own she did for herself!

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your thoughts on color! 
I appreciate your time, effort and gorgeous color inspirations!!

Pop over to Stephanie's Blog today to read her interview of me, and my color thoughts.

Be sure to stop back each THURSDAY for a new interview.

So tell me,


  1. Interesting... I love purple and orange!! But I agree with you that I totally see Stephanie as Green and Blue! Love the color palettes that you both generated too!

  2. My 3 colors would be fuchsia & lime with peacock.

  3. Magenta, dusty blue and turquiose. Although I love lime green, hot pink and turquiose together too. Pretty much all bright colors turn it on for me! :)

  4. This is going to be a fun series of interviews!

  5. I too love purple and orange. I have both a purple shirt and an orange scarf that I love to wear this time of year. Great interview, I went to her website and joined Colourlovers. I can't quite figure it out yet but I haven't had much time to work with it.

  6. Fun interview. Learned more about Stephanie. Even though she made the quilt for her daughter there sure is a lot of purple in it, a color she does not like so much.

  7. I really like working with purple, orange, and olive green. I have been on a kick to use different colors for the past few months. It is very interesting to break out of my color comfort zone. I still need to work on breaking into brighter colors.

  8. I love your interview series and will be tuning in regularly.

    I am known for using a lot of orange which I do like, especially a yellow orange into mango. But my "touchstone color" is turquoise which is calming to me.

    So....yellow orange, turquoise, lime or celery green, and sunshine yellow, with light gray and white.


  9. Love to read more about colors! And its is great to read about Stephanie's favorite combinations and colors.
    Enjoyed reading your interview too at Stephanie's!

  10. Great Idea will tune in same time, same day,same V station for lots of inspiration.
    Thanx again

  11. FEQUENTLY use red, black and white. But mostly I use scrappy, scrappy.

    Hmm, maybe that's old hat and I'm in a rut.
    Right now I think I'm drawn to solids when I'm not working on UFOs.

  12. Great Read. Thanks for sharing this idea with all of us.

  13. That was fun! I love Stephanie's work. The color bar you made for her really does remind me of her quilts!

  14. LOVE this! In the last year I've done alot of purple, orange and turquoise. I've been cravin' SOMETHING because my most favorite color is GREEN...any green!


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