Sunday, December 4, 2011

Women power!

Fabulous friends and fabulous women! This weekend kicked off with our MOD meeting on Saturday morning, what a blast that meeting was!  I asked them to bring toys for BASICS as they are short of TOYS this year for the holidays... Look at all the goodies that arrived!(below) They will be very pleased... We have a few other people who kicked off toy drives to help them out... Thanks ladies!!! After that was the girls night party an dafter that was fabric dyeing! All in my home from 9am Saturday til 2pm Sunday..... I crashed at 2pm for a big long nap... before running off tonight with the family to see the Shanghi Circus in Times square. More posts on the meeting and fabric dyeing later this week.

My Special friends:

One lady who is special to me is my friend HELEN. We met through the New York EMPIRE guild and quickly realized we were both from Minnesota... I think that thread bound us together. I call her my quilt mom... Helen is also in our modern 8 create group,and we did a Holiday swap, the little quilt above is what I gave her on Saturday, along with a BIG hug.  I am so thankful for guilds to have brought her and so many other great women into my life!

After the meeting I had my 4th annual Girls night party with all my closest friends.  I started it as a way to catch up with my pals as everyone is always so busy it's been hard to stay connected, so I plan this party about 6 months in advance so we all can make it... SO MUCH FOOD, way to much sweets and a whole lot of laughter.  It's so nice to have wonderful creative women around...

Can I share with you some of my pals?
Marie and Kim 
Marie, what can I say.. We are both new to the Board of the Alliance for American Quilts, and I can tell you she is spiritually and fabulously funny inside and out. ADORE!  And Kim, she falls into the same category.. Spiritually, beautiful and her laugh keeps a smile on my face... Her joy rubs off on people without even trying...
Earamichia, Allison, Mary and Monica
Earamichia is my super duper helper friend. She helps me enormously with the guild, and we have such a strong connection I am so grateful for her in my life... Allison and I met when our daughters were 4... You ever just meet someone and you know they are someone who needs to be in your life forever, even if you don't see them very often?  That is Alison.. Her life and my life seem to be following a similar path, and I am lucky to know her. Mary, I met her though the MOD guild, super sweet, takes amazing photos and is a genuinely lovely person inside and out... The girl make some darn good soup too! ( I have her recipe over here if you want to see for your self!)  And Monica. Miss Monica is truly a gift. We bonded over sewing lessons I gave her while she recovered from breast cancer... She's helped me out immensely on projects, and I miss her when she's not around.
This year has included many of my new friends on the board of the Alliance for American quilts...
Michele Muska, Me, Luke Haynes, and Marie Bostwick...You may note that LUKE is in this picture, no, he wasn't at my girls night, sillies!... But he did come to the guild meeting to show us a couple of his fabulous Quilts... I have been so impressed with the fast bonds I've made with everyone on the board... Dedication, and passion for saving our stories and Quilt history!  They have quilts auctioning on ebay right now that help support our programs.. hop over and see some of them... maybe you will find a great gift there!
More board members...Meg Cox, Allie Aller, Jodie Davis, Marie Bostwick and myself... This was my first time meeting Allie. Having been a fan of her gorgeous crazy quilts, it was a joy to meet someone I've been chatting with so much on facebook!

Get your gal friends together. Make the effort to make those connections face to face... it's high on my list for making a happy life... Connect with people, share yourself.

This dinner came at the end of a really wild/hard/emotional week. My aunt came through her brain surgery without even a headache...My Mother, still waiting on her news for what she needs done... The quilt share,cancer tests, memorials and births... The circle of life was a driving force this week in this house.

I am so grateful for the people my life.


  1. Likewise, I am grateful for you!

  2. Jackie, I almost photo-shopped you into the pics... ;-) You were missed!! Hugs!

  3. I love all the smiles... Quilt families rock... I say families because our friends are our family of choice!!!!

  4. thanks for sharing photos of the girls night (and a little back story too). when i first glanced at jodie's pic, i thought she had tattoos on her arms!! hehe! :>)

  5. hahah! Mary, She'd love that! we joke because she has a HORSE named HARLEY, and I ride a HARLEY, (and I am the one with Tattoos...) LOL!

  6. Hope this week gives you time to assimilate and reflect on all the experiences of last week...
    And I can't tell you enough of how much I loved meeting you and getting to spend time in your home. It was great... ;-)

  7. So nice to "meet" your guild and the friends that they have become! I treasure the quilty groups I am in and the guild, Kindred Kwilters. All of us help each other with our quilting but more importantly, our quilting connection and friendships help us through those wild/hard/emotional times. I say "ditto" to your comment... "I am so grateful for the people in my life".!!!!! Books for kiddies went in the mail to BASICS this morning. :-)

  8. Hey Victoria you are an amazing lady. I appreciate your message and your ever-blooming creativity! Thanks.

  9. Nothing like friends to make the world a happier place.

    You rock on all those toys you've've done a world of good for the Basics community!

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  10. I am loving my little tree quilt so much! My eye patch from cataract surgery was removed today, and I can see it perfectly now....every little stitch and bead. Beautiful!!!


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