Sunday, December 18, 2011

Playing In Paula's Scraps

Full /twin size quilt
At my house this weekend on Long Island, I sat in my studio, and was inspired by a large bag of Paula Prass scraps that I had...  Now what can I do with those?  hmmmm...

I dumped them out on the floor and sorted through what I had, and decided I'd work with the pieces as they were... only cutting bits off were I needed to square things up... until I realized I didn't have my rotary cutter out here... I brought it back to NYC by mistake!  So, with my scissors and tearing bits in good old Gee's bend fashion... 

I began sewing pieces here and there, digging out pieces that were about the right size, using scraps the size that they were to fill in odd angles...

laying them out on the design wall as I went along, not thinking to hard about what was happening, but making the Darkest dark( black prints) and the brightest bright ( lime green) dance around the wall palette...

 Not sure how big I would go, hoping I would use up the whole bag of scraps...

Finding it hard to manipulate larger pieces with out my rotary cutter, I left bits in larger CHUNKS to come back later and sew them together.

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Using the pieces that I had the MOST of, I ripped borders to go all around...  It is still stuck on my wall until we come back next week... I'm going to stare at it for a bit, and think about Appliqueing some blocks, and some possible embroidery on a few others,  before I sew it all up...  It's a free form canvas where opportunities to try new things, are just waiting to be explored!  These fabrics were a combination of a few different lines of Paula's.  The thing I like is that they all sort of work together!
This would definitely fall into my idea of a Intuition quilt... Feeling it from my heart, rather then my head... Don't forget to listen to you instinct...  Often it knows better then your head does... ;-) 

The Holidays is a time I like to dive into my relaxed mode of quilt making... make up something light and airy and just plain fun...

That, and eat a lot of Christmas Cookies!  That's what else I will be doing this week...
Have you baked your Christmas cookies yet?  What's your favorite?


  1. I agree, my kind of weekend - quilting and eating - bliss. Enjoy!

  2. My favorite cookies are the kind someone else has made. Loving this quilt. I need to make another intuition quilt larger than the AAQI ones I find myself making.

  3. Baked some but need to bake more. My favorite are my grandmothers orange cookies. Happy Holidays. Hugs

  4. Fun scrap play!

    My fave XMas cookies are merinques with grated dark choc and ground nuts. Or anything with icing and sprinkles...

  5. What a great way to work and so relaxing. It looks great so far.

  6. Tried a GF recipe for refrigerator cookies. Didn't roll up but came out as an almost macaroon. Nothing is a disaster fabric or food.

  7. I love the improvisation of this piece and how it's growing.

  8. Wow, I love how your quilt turned out! Its so pretty. I'm a big fan of German Blue Plum Cake (Pflaumenkuchen) at Christmas time. I made some on Friday and its already all gone.

  9. I like your method of making the darkest dark and the brightest bright dance around the wall. Must file that tip!

  10. Our favorites are Swedish Spice Cookies and Josie's Not So Good Cookies. No lie, this is the title on an old recipe card I found in my mom's stuff. Turns out the cookies are amazing cookies, but (my mom's aunt) Josie was humble and would say, oh these aren't so good. :)

  11. Looking good! My favorite cookies are white chocolate and cherry! YUM. Made one batch but they are gone. Today I'm make POM jelly! Wish me luck!


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