Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fudge fixes all.

Thanks for all the MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES!!!  Hope yours was fabulous! I am 
Enjoying a quiet week at my house. I got the borders on my Paula Prass quilt today... and ...
I am adding a few old dresdens that I had made a year and half ago from the same fabrics...  It will happily live on my couch, near the fire, one day, when I get it quilted... The fabrics just make me smile...

I swore I wouldn't start a new quilt.... BUT...

 That's like me saying, "I will only eat ONE piece of fudge..."

My goal for the week was to finish the hand work for a commission quilt. Last week I realized I LOST one panel for that quilt... I spent HOURS ripping apart my studio looking for it... nothing.

Today at my house, I was cutting fabrics for that new quilt I said I wouldn't not start... and guess what?  

I found it.

Unfortunately, not before slicing into it for "the blasted new quilt I said I would not start"...

I think I will go eat fudge now...

P.S.  Pat's December Block  for Jackie's Bloggers BOM is up on Pat's site!


  1. Quilt looks great and like the fun colors.I like that your fudge has nuts one side and other butterscotch chips. The "extra" cut will bring out more creativity.

  2. The only thing right now I can think that makes me smile more than a dresden is polka dots! Got my blogger BOM done and posted.

  3. Well, it looks to me, from the picture, that you only had one slice of fudge.... granted a narrow piece, but it looks like only one was cut out!!!;-)

  4. This is a very lovely quilt top. My twin make ALOT of fudge and she would have to agree with you.


  5. You made me laugh out loud twice in this post.
    That photo of the fudge looked way to familiar!

  6. Is there really such thing as one piece of fudge? LOL!

  7. I exactly know such a kind of situation and obviously I have eaten way too many pieces of fudge or similar rich sweets... you shouldn't have any problems here!

    BTW Thank you so much for your Christmas card that arrived yesterday! Great picture :-)


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