Friday, December 30, 2011

COLOR all Around.

Spending the week hand quilting...
I had one little idea to do something on the borders of my quilt I am finishing, which lead to something way more complicated than I set out to do... LOL!  Now I can't stop!  I'm quilting through Kona and wool batting, and it sews like a dream with Perle cotton... Perhaps their is hope after all for the other three quilts I have over half completed with hand quilting... Maybe 2012 will be the year I finish them! ? (I won't hold my breath on that one!) But it is a nice thought...

 It's a bright sunny day around here and the light is so clear, that colors are popping out at me...

The light and shadows are making the colors so vibrant, it makes me smile...(Not the cold, dull, winter blah feeling the cold usually leaves me with!) and it also makes me realize I am ready to put Christmas decor away.... I like the Holidays for all the decorations, but I get very tired of them quickly, and look forward to putting them away... Like our mini tree....

Our indoor tiny Christmas tree got its new home today in our yard... It looks so teeny.. But one day maybe it will be big enough to decorate with outdoor lights... ;-)

I'm not sure WHAT or WHY Jenny Egg was sitting in this position staring ... She sat here for the longest time,  thatI had the time to go get my camera, come back and snap her picture... She never moved... After I took it, I thought, "Wow, Great colors!... Perhaps there is a color story there...  Perhaps there is a QUILT color Palette there!"
... hmmm.....Now my head is spinning with ideas....

I find I am constantly drawn to the same colors.  red's golds, blues... I can see these colors in practically every picture in this post!

I have a question for you....
When you go into a quilt shop, What is the COLOR you head straight for to inspect first?
Is it always the same color? or not?


  1. Lately, I seem to be drawn immediately to the reds, oranges, and plums. I went to the quilt shop yesterday, and right inside the door was a wonderful display with reds on the bottom shelf and plums on the top. I had to go in search of the oranges. Even thought it is the color of the year, my LQS did not have a lot. I am hoping that this will change soon.

  2. Love that chain stitched daisy! Please tell me what size needle and Perle cotton you like to use. Am so wanting to try this myself.
    My color faves are red and turquoise. Could stare at them for hours, too.

  3. Oh Heavenly Hand Quilting, Bat Girl!!! LOVE it. Colors you say...well I do admit to loving blues and greens but sometimes I just head for whatever catches my might be a collection vs. a particular color. I am really getting into working with "different" color palettes.

  4. Blue blue blue then I make myself buy something else because I have all the blues! I've got to get more lights but I am never drawn to them....I have to make myself look at them!

    Love your colors....makes me see more possibilities :0)...but look at blue and gold together....delicious right?

    Happy Sewing and Happy 2012!

  5. I'm always on the lookout for reds, just true reds, not dark reds or purply reds!

  6. I think blues and yellows...

    LOVE your puppy dog ...maybe she is thinking of color theory too?!

    Happy New year!!!

  7. As of late its been a variety. All colors. So i have been following my instinct to purples, brights, crazy solids...etc.

  8. Red, hands down, it's my favorite color to quilt with. PS, I did a redwork piece over Christmas with the Aurifil 12 wt and I LOVE it! What a dream to stitch with.

  9. I go for deep blues and purples first, but seem to have lots of browns and reds and oranges in the stash, too.

    Love your daisy stitching; what thread weight are you using?

  10. I have a lot of tone on tone small prints in my fabric. So instead of focusing on color recently I've been trying to focus on picking larger prints with more than one color in the print.

  11. Woo hooo...your thread looks oh so scrumptious sitting in the bowl...Btw great on the perle cotton, i believe jess said you put her on to it...and then me...smiles

  12. We're ready to put decorations away too and always try to have it done by New Year's Day. It makes for a nice fresh start to the year.
    I noticed that my stash has a lot of green! I would never say green is my favorite color - that would be red. But none the less, i am always drawn to it and now that i know that - i hold myself back. i don't have a lot of yellow, but do have orange!

  13. Your hand quilting is great. It makes me want to get mine out but I am in the middle of a very good book! I am drawn to orange. Today I wore a green sweater with a turquoise scarf to a family event. My cousin commented on the color combination. I think quilting has given me more freedom in using colors together.

  14. Love that chain stitching! Look forward to seeing all those completed hand quilted quilts. :)
    So when I walk into a shop filled with fabric, I usually have to stop and take deep breaths before attacking the rows of lovely contrasting bold prints. Never mind what color they might be. Just make mine colored bold with contrast. Sigh, I can never get enough

  15. It's always Orange.....always! I'm like a magnet to it! lol

    And I think Jenny Egg is looking into that opened door.....hmmmmm.....who's in there? :o)

    Your embroidery work is beautiful! That quilt is going to be fabulous!

  16. I usually let the fabric tell me what colors I am looking for - survey the quilt shop and drink it all in, delicious! Like your color palatte inspiration, I picked the colors for my studio from a pile of laundry, lol!

  17. Well look at that! Tango Tangerine the color of the year - is one of your colors.....

  18. From the looks of the yellow chain stitching, I think you are progressing on the Aurifil DOM project already!

    I find I am drawn not to a particular color but a tone--I love shaded fabrics (colors mixed with black) and tend to be attracted to projects with darker hues more than pure colors. I think that's why I love CW reproduction fabrics and Amish quilts so much.

  19. I use to own a quilt shop, people would come in, pull fabric for a quilt and guess what happened, they would have on the same colors that they selected for their quilt.


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