Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Home again, Home again, jiggity jig!

Wow! I hope you all had a great Holiday! We had a lovely time in Seattle!  Boo and the grand daughter had fun making up the sandwiches that we took around downtown, handing them out to whomever needed a meal on Thanksgiving.  It was extra special to do this as our whole family was together.

It was so nice to have the time in Seattle to play. The traffic trying to get in from Newark, NJ into NYC, well, that part... not so much fun!

 Here's some shots of the loot we picked up at the good will to sew together... quite a spread, huh?
LeeAnn and I went straight to work on our projects... we started and finished at the same time... How funny is that?
I'm getting in the Christmas spirit, and made a top not so much like anything I had made before... I used WHITE! well, white-ish lights to set off my Xmas stars... it was so much fun to rummage through LeeAnn's stash and see new prints...
We headed over to the Rebels meeting, and Miki and I exchanged our 15 minute Holiday swaps in person! She wanted day of the dead, so I had fun putting together bits and pieces and beads that I purchased in Houston! (they were fun to play with!) Now I have to get my Holiday decor ready and a place to hang my little quilt from Miki... It came with some lovely velvets! They will be fun to play with! Thanks Miki!

 LeeAnn had just gotten this Santa Top together with her orphan blocks...Isn't it sweet? I just love it!
 Alexis was finishing up the quilting on her red's and pinks! wahoo! go girlie! looks great!
Sally made this adorable BUG quilt, keeping the panel all in one as the center panel... Love it!
For the flight hone, I realized I had finished my hand work that I had brought along... So I borrowed my hubby's tiny travel scissors to cut some random squares so I could keep my hands busy hand piecing the ride home!  Hey! ya gotta keep those 15minutes strung together! Can't afford to lose the creative flow!

Or MOJO! ( speaking of being creative!)

Creative MOJO!  I will be on Mark's show this Wednesday... Tune in! 

And Thursday morning, I will be handing out a batch of quilts for our Next Distribution day for the BASICS quilts! We rcvd around 200 quilts, (plus the 300 from last year  brings us to about 500) and about half of them will get delivered at this next event.We deliver them by BUILDING.    So keep the quilts coming... We need more, I still need to reach the lucky 700 goal!  

I know more are coming! I've had many emails!  Keep them coming! All sizes Welcome and needed. 
ALL THE INFO YOU NEED is onteh website

I can't wait to show you the pictures! 

So, what was the best thing you ATE over the holiday weekend?  

Was it the turkey? The pie? or the Cranberry Chutney? Yum!  
Tell me!


  1. I loved the sweet potato casserole dear daughter made - I am not a fan of mashed sweet potatoes but this recipe changed that - full of sugar, chopped walnuts, beaten eggs, cinnamon, and some melted marshmallows on top - more like desert! I will be getting the recipe from her for sure.
    Looking forward to seeing your delivery of quilts - so glad I was able to help out this year.

  2. I brined a turkey with a sweet brine made from molasses and brown sugar, cinnamon and allspice, and soy sauce. The brine tasted horrible and I thought I had ruined the turkey, but I went ahead.

    Talk about delicious!

    glen: glad you are home safely.

  3. Love all the pics... what a lot of fun, talented sewing going on!

    Turkey and pie were delish, of course, but leftovers for me are the best. Turkey bones became stock yesterday; today whisked some into leftover mashed butternut squash for instant soup: yum!

  4. Thanks for sharing the great pics. We had enchiladas for Thanksgiving and they were very tasty. Thanksgiving is interesting for this vegetarian.

  5. Love the loot and what it became. So awesome you helped those in need with food. Certainly appreciated. The very best thing I eat on Thanksgiving is a recipe we call Grandma's Mashed Potatoes.

  6. The best thing I ate was the dressing that I made. My MIL made the best and I have been trying for years to reproduce what she did and I came very close this year. I love reading your blog. You are an amazing young woman with so much creativity and energy.

  7. Best part of the meal was the stuffing - cornbread (used Trader Joes, its yummy) with caramelized onions. I know it was the best because it disappeared fast! Glad you had a good holiday, and welcome home!

  8. i have a vision (cartoon vision) of you cutting fabric and sewing, thread flying. your lovely dogs covered in bits and pieces, a design wall the size of a football field with every block known to quilter kind. you are one prolific sewer, V. wow! :>)

  9. What a fun post - thanks for sharing. It's so nice to know that we all have the 15 minute compulsion to always keep our hands busy. Hard to pick my favorite part, coffee on the back deck after the meal with friends, just enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

  10. PIE! Apple, pumpkin, and pecan! :)

  11. Oh, my! It's like a visual party over here. So many pretty things. You did an amazing job with your swap quilt! And so did Miki. Glad you had a really nice Thanksgiving!

  12. The ham was the best! I showed BASICS to one of my longarm customers and she is sure she has some early quilts that she won't pay to have quilted, so I told her I"d LOVE to take them off her hands. Whoohoo, a start for next year. I'm hoping to do 6 or 7 in 2012, I just have to start early and keep asking for tops!

  13. Wow, so much fun getting together with Rebels. Some amazing quilts!

  14. Nice pics on your blog today,love all those projects, but just adore that Santa panel one with the orphan blocks.

  15. Loved seeing the parade of quilts! Great turkey as always but finishing off with a sliver of both pumpkin and apple pie is the best!

  16. What a full & fabulous trip! It was such a treat to see you- twice! Thanks for all the great eye candy and updates here!


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