Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free-Form quilts!

Rayna Gillman has a new book out! Create your own Free-Form quilts!  You can bet I am excited about this release!  Rayna is a friend, and member of our NY metroMOD guild.  When she comes to guild, she is always working on some fun new project... You can see a bunch of her work on the her blog HERE.

This quilt ''Dwellings'' from her new book is stunning, The colors  are so rich and lush...
her free spirit, "cut it up and make it up" style is right up my alley!

You may recognize this quilt... It's mine! my 2009 ''Waverunner II'' quilt is there where she is talking about color and choices...

 As is  my "Sunny Delight" quilt... ( 2009)

And lastly, my Birthday Wishes Redo quilt ( 2008) for my friend Ron's birthday gift...

What fun to turn the pages and see your own quilts in the book! Thanks Rayna!  

The book is loaded with inspiration on how to make your own style quilts. Go check it out!
You can buy an autographed copy from Rayna here.





  1. Yay!! So good to see your beauties in print!!

  2. Looks like a fun book! How could it not be, with your lovely quilts in there?

  3. Congrats to you, and especially to Rayna--she has such a brilliant intuition for design, can't wait to check out the book!

  4. Congratulations on your quilts in the book!!!

    I have already put the book on my Wish List (please, Santa . . . .)

  5. This looks like a "must have" to me.....ASAP!!!

  6. Oh i soooo want that book! Aren't you lucky to have so many wonderful people in your guild! I love that waverunner quilt!

  7. Ha! When I saw the first photo in this post (the book cover), I was thinking that YOU could have written the book and, there you are! You're IN the book! Awesome!

  8. It would have been impossible to write that book without including your inspiration!

  9. Thanks, Victoria, for your raves about my book. Amazing that I started writing it before I even knew you! Great minds, of course - LOL.

    It is such a fun way to work! Thanks for participating in my book.


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