Monday, October 24, 2011

POwer SUit

The POWER SUIT CHALLENGE quilts had their OPENING last Saturday. We were sent fabrics donated by a tailor and we were asked to make somethingthat meant POWER SUIT to us.  I took it literally, and went for using every bit of material the gave us, including the labels and prices, and the idea of how a man's suit is actually made, custom. Your fabric choices, the tailoring lines, prices for cuffs, collars and button holes...the hand stitches... and did you know that when you go for  final fitting of a suit, the tailor grabs the top layer of your lapel, and RIPS IT  down?  Just to show the client that it was hand done, faced, and that meant it was ready to be finished after it's final fitting... Who knew!  I'm rather new to the idea of Art quilts, but I had a great time exploring working in a way that is new to me.

Check out pal, Leslie's here:
and Jamie's here:
Fun stuff!
and here: ( to see more of the quilts)

I'm also working on a few other small projects... This pink green combo, is rather out of my color zone.. But I am loving how sweet it is without being saccharine sweet! And also finally got this quilt below basted and ready to quilt. I left it taped to my floor for 4 days, and the dogs were making it their bed...LOL... time for a good washing!  This quilt has the Lotta Jansdotter fabrics in which I just love...
And lastly! I got new lights in my studio!  It's so fabulous!  Now that the building going up outside my studio is 15 stories.... I can see again! LOL!
So. Who's going to festival?  I will be there November 2-6th... 
Thursday and Friday morning I will be working at the Alliance Booth...
Say Hi!

No Fall Market for me. 
I won't miss Halloween with my one and only daughter.... ;-) not for a million bucks!


  1. That is a sweet comment - made me smile. I am reminded again that there are seasons of life, and this time with your daughter is yours. Hope Boo is healing from her run in. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for posting your Power Suit quilt! See you in Houston!
    Cyndi Souder

  3. Love the power suit piece, really unique and creative.
    Love the little touches you added into the blocks.


  4. Power-ful! So interesting and fun to look at all of the details.

  5. I absolutely LOVE it! What a fun really rose to the ocassion! And yes, DO stay home for Halloween. That is one holiday that is all about the kids! One year I was out of town for work but flew in Halloween night and my DH brought the kids in their costumes to the airport. It was AMAZING how many people had candy in their carry ons just HOPING that kids would show up!!! It made EVERYONE'S night!

  6. I like your tribute to the old-fashioned tailor's craftsmanship. Good for you for using every last scrap!

  7. You got a lot of great things cooking, as usual...
    Victoria, I just LOVE your power-suit piece. If my budget was bigger, I would insist on buying it! Thank you for sharing it for free!
    ; )

  8. Momma priorities first, right? You've got it figured out. :) Love those shirting blocks V!

  9. love your powersuit! i have to blog mine ... this week so fun! someone on FB took photos of mine hanging.

    great lighting too... gotta have great light!

  10. LOVE your powersuit quilt! I love all the action!!!!

  11. Love your "power suit!!" The hand stitching really gives it an extra special touch.

  12. Will you be dressing up for Halloween? What will you be? I'm going way out of character this year (I'm usually a cowgirl or motorcycle rider or ninja - reflections of my real life anyway), and going as a NUN! Ha!

  13. I missed a number of festivals during the T or T years with my daughters. I finally missed a year when Claire was in high school.
    Can't wait to see you!

    Thanks for linking to my blog about the Power Suit challenge!

  14. Thank you so much for blogging about my power suit! So great. Have a fun Halloween! I am looking forward to meeting you in Houston!


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