Thursday, October 13, 2011

hard to be focused

I'm having a hard time staying focused lately... I've had a swoosh of ideas and started a ton of new projects, and can't choose one to focus on...  and then I bake. 

I feel the panic of holiday crunch starting in as I make our Seattle plans for Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then, oh good golly... snow...

I know I am jumping way ahead of myself. What is the rush!!  My studio is all cleaned out , yet again, and I really want to just get rid of everything and have the bare minimal... that was my goal for the year after all...

Time to step back and be quiet, grateful, and be OK in the inspirations that are around me.

Just some random  blah blah for you all today... ( sorry about that!)

Gotta boogie... Boo's soccer game is about to start...


  1. I just did a post on the 48th verse of the Tao and living by decreasing. How interesting we are thinking alike...

    glen: now if I can only get MY studio cleaned out......

  2. As a young Mom with small children a more senior friend said "you won't know where the time goes between September and Christmas" I have never forgotten that and it is so true. Live in the moment as much as you can and enjoy. It will all come good.

  3. I think if you live in a four season climate the changing light at this time of year has some sort of effect... You feel restless and simultaneously lethargic.

  4. i hear you! As soon as the cruise is done I'm clearing and cleaning out... my little house is overflowing and I have no space to think!

    ps... i made hundreds of those table toppers at one point.. taught them too...

  5. I have been concerned about the same thing ..Maybe because this yr I don't want to rush to last minute stuff to do ..I already don't have quilts started yet so maybe it is another yr sans quilts unless someone can give me a really easy pattern..

  6. I have so many ideas I have yet to start, and so many projects started. My problem is not to declutter, but to build my stash so I can do all these things I want to do. I am very envious of those of you who have so much fabric. If you are looking to give any away, I will be happy to adopt whatever you don't want.

  7. Pumpkin bread time so now I will bake. Maybe not quite yet. I still have a list of things to get done, but the Basics quilt work went well today. I WILL MAKE IT!

  8. I've just got out a box of very old fabrics which I almost got rid of a few years ago, and now they are just right for a new project. I found organising all my fabrics into clear boxes in themes (colour, spots, Kaffe etc.) satisfied my craving for minimalism while still keeping the fabrics. It took three days but it was worth it.

  9. Under your post there is a Delta advertisement (I guess) that read FLY DELTA TO ROANOKE. Roanoke is my airport! I agree, fly to Roanoke and we can play together in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a few days!


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