Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Inspiration hits at funny times... 

I walked through Target a few weeks back
 and saw this shirt above, 
and the color palette lit me up like a firecracker! 

I bought TWO XXL shirts,  
went straight home and started selecting fabrics, 
diving in my scrap bins to pull 
things that went with it.... and  well.... 

A quilt is born!

( I had no idea the colors would actually look good on me, 
perhaps I go back and buy one for me!)


 THAT, is what I love about the creative process. 
End of story.
That spark of creativity that makes your WHOLE DAY 
go into a whirlwind of AH HA's!

 I proposed this on my 15 minutes play site, and asked people to find 
something that inspires them... 
For the WHOLE week, hop over and see what inspires people!

Either it will hit you over the head, or you have 
to look for it, and be open to it...
What will it be for you today?  What will inspire you and set 
you off in a flurry of excitement?

I made a commitment to make one BLOCK a day for this quilt
 I have to many projects 
on my plate right now, but this will be my 15minutes of playtime... 
15 minutes to keep that creative energy connected to my process.

This is another thing that set me all a flurry. Have you seen HISTORY REPEATED??

This is one SMASHING BOOK!
I was influenced by the  Patchwork Diva's a while ago, and started making thee blocks above, 
which are all finished,but I have not decided on their setting yet... But this new book of there's
gives me lots of ideas...  The quilts are made from inspired OLD quilts, but let me tell you, 
there is nothing OLD looking about these gorgeous quilts...

Stunning stuff.. go check it out.

So what gets you INSPIRED THIS WEEK?
SHOW us! Write a post and show

Is it color? is it a quilt? is it a garbage can!?

LINK to your post


  1. I find inspiration in EVERYTHING! Seriously--nature, music, friendship, yes! Colors and patterns jump out at me as I go through my normal days and project idea's vie for priority in my brain while I'm at work!! I figured out the link portion here and have been trying to post on the other site but not successful yet...Thanks for your sites, Victoria, I read every post and find emmense inspiration in your work and the wonderful posts from other artists.

  2. I love colour, and scraps, so I'm playing with my Kaffe scraps, as well as a vintage tea towel.

  3. For me it really has to have meaning to me . For example a birth, wedding death etc. The last inspiration I had was the floor of the cathedral William and Kate got married in. Black and white checks with a red carpet down the middle. Usually a huge event in life. It used to be the seasons, the home stuff and the garden, but now it has to be special or Im not interested enough to follow through and I abandon it..

  4. Okay, so I went to Target this morning to shop the new Missoni line. That was a feeding frenzy! But I did come home with that blouse - love it! But I won't be cutting it up - I'll be wearing it.

  5. ah, you cant see the bottom of that shirt , I know its all raggedy from cutting out pieces.........

  6. I find inspiration in lots of things. Sometimes it is a pattern that draws me in and I love to figure out how to do it in fabric. Lots of times it is beautiful fabrics, delicious colors and organic themes that get me going (which is why I often run out of fabric because I buy before I know what I am going to do with it!). The post I linked to is a color-type inspiration and a tool I found to help translate the general inspiration into a specific set of color palletes.

  7. I find visual inspiration in lots of sources - nature, fabrics, photos, other quilts, new and old - but it seems my major inspiration is in those around me who I care about. That is my true inspiration.


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