Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Studio talk day two.

 I made a mess again.
Only a small one...
 The ORANGE was just so INVITING!

I'm surprised at home many of you also like ORANGE. 
Have you all made ORANGE quilts?
I do find it a difficult color to work with.. it demands so much attention... 
I was trying to cut the power of the color on the block above.. 
Not sure I can handle an entire quilt like this....  

Something to ponder.

Its' a great challenge to see how to maximize and minimise 
the amount of color you use.

Dependig on it's (color) placement, 
how much or how little you use can make or break the quilt.

Will this be obnoxiously bright?
Will it mellow when you see other colors around it?

 Like this... to much color?
 Or just right? 
By adding more information it takes the SHOCK VALUE down a notch.

 Same sort of idea... to much or just right?

I do have a lot of shots of ORANGE....Don't I?

Yes, It's alot of ORANGE,
But don't you FEEL better  just looking at orange? 
It's such a happy color!


 I took Judy's advice from yesterday and found a place for the ugly annoying file cabinet 
that I had taken out of my studio for lack of space... (yet I have no where to put it
in my home either)  I dragged it back in, and for the moment, stuck my ironing 
table on top of it, until I can make a new big flat ironing space...
For now it's great! It's the same height as it had been standing on it's own. perfect!

Nina pointed out my cutting table. I designed it and had it made 
at a cheap furniture maker place  here in NYC.  Since I ma TALL, I  had it built my height.. 
it stands about 35'' tall and I can fit, 12 of those BIG plastic bins under it when I have it clean!

Right now I am still organizing it.. as the bins furthest BACK needs to be stuff 
I don't dig out very often... 
If you don't have a lot of space, 
this is a great way to keep your storage...

I guess I better get to cleaning that up and the mess I made last night... 
Do you like the "studio in action" shot? Seeing my every mess? ZOIKS!
My biggest  secret... I'm very messy... but don't tell anyone...


  1. I LOVE all your shots of orange....I'm an orange fan, too! And yes, I've made an orange's a scrappy spiderweb using my thrift store shirtings with the orange background.....I LOVE IT! It's just a top right now.....I've pieced a back....just need to get to the quilting part! Here's a link to my post (1/6/11) showing the top done....

    I try and put a little orange in every quilt I do.....I can't get enough of it! And I get so sad when I use the last little bit of a favorite orange fabric.....gone gone gone! Ahhhhhhh :o(

    Your block is gorgeous....and I think the soft blue background is a perfect pairing with the orange. It's yummy!

  2. Orange is such a lovely color, so bright and happy!

    Like the action shot. I'm very messy too. Today my goal is to clean my studio so I can have space to make some blocks. It'll just be messy again by the end of the day! My husband says that's why it's a studio. :)

  3. Lol, I make a mess too, but I'm trying to tidy up as I go so my studio won't ever get so crowded again that I have to move to the dining room table. Again.
    My first hand applique project was an orange and purple quilt. 50/50 of each colour. My friends were, well, a bit skeptic to put it gently, but I still love it even though the hand stitching was not all that great. People match purples and oranges for Halloween, so I really don't get the problem...

  4. Pretty block!
    I love orange, especially paired with bright pink. I have one orange-pink-brown quilt basted and waiting, and some lovey orange fabric stashed away for a future project.
    My sewing room and fabric piles are horribly untidy at the moment; you inspire me to give it some TLC.

  5. Orange. Used to not like it but some shades call my name. I have made an orange and white quilt, once upon a time ago. I'm always amazed at how the colors you put together always seem to work.

  6. Orange, love it too. Particularly cantaloupe color. Since we are seeing your ironing space, wanted to ask you about your yellow Oliso iron on view. You'd blogged about it a while back. How are you finding it? Did it meet
    your expectations? I was thinking to upgrade to one, wondering if the yellow, the top of the line, has features that make it worth the price, over the lower priced blue model like they have at City Quilter.
    Thoughts? Thanks,
    P.S. Cutting my 10.5 rainbow squares for my BASIC quilt

  7. about a month ago the orange started calling me, since i have paired it with every color i have in my stash (amazingly it goes with almost anyting) and nothing gave me the feeling of the plain ole stack of orange. I decided the other day when i make it its going to be orange and white broken dishes, just that, a simple, very orange, but very bright and happy quilt.

  8. I love the room, but you suffer from Projectitis. All quilters have a recurring case and it is totally incurable. It generally recurs as you set about cleaning up your studio and find something forgotten, the fevered brow and a slight swooning feeling lead to a burst of creative energy that cannot be ignored - Projectitis strikes again. My sewing room never gets completely finished because of it.

  9. I LOVE your first block. The teal is just the right touch. Years ago I used gold to give a quilt a little sparkle and somewheres along the line I started using orange instead. I love it! But I AM from the NW so I have to say most of my quilts have green and just a teeny tiny bit of orange!

  10. What a lovely studio place to work in .. Do you have to look at construction however ?? Im sure there are some nice views that keep you thinking ?

  11. I lovvvvvvvvvvve orange, my kitchen furniture is orange, the walls are purple on one side and lime green on the other. Really a happy place. I got out my orange quilts today (8) to put out for fall. Love your oranges and you have a great place to work!

  12. When I was young my aunt sent 3 beach towels as a "to the whole family gift". Oh how we fought over the orange one!

  13. wow, i really really like your block and yes, i am hot on orange right now too. ever since we painted our previous dining room teal (not so far off from your block color) and I put a bowl of oranges on the buffet .. a match made in heaven.


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