Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NYC life.

Here is my BLOCK I made from the scraps of the air force fatigues quilt project... 
I am sending the scraps out to 24 people to help make blocks from the bits to make
into a quilt or two for Quilts of Valor.  My friend who commissioned me to make a 
quilt for him from his old uniforms asked that the extra fabric be made into more 
quilts to donate.
ALL 24 SPOTS are full ....

It was fun to play with 
the camo prints to find a way to make them shine!

Check this out... The empty parking lot behind my loft is now up to the 7th floor. 
I about another week, these guys will be looking me in the eye...  

It's sad. 
My light will be very filtered...  

There is a gap of about 30 feet off our building.

How much light do you think I will get between
our 12 story building and this new 28 story building?
Will be looking into new lighting in my studio for sure...

I'm still unpacking, and cleaning the three months of dust out of my studio
from sitting here empty, here in NYC. 
Coming back for fall is always a time to re organize the space, move things around,
make it inspiring again... CLEAN things out, get rid of things... I love that. 
I love getting rid of things... 

I found 20 quilts that I can donate to BASICS.

It feels so good to finish them and move them on to new homes...

Boo is happy to be back in the city, and is so ready to be back in school. 
She starts back on Friday. We're each doing our thing today and tomororw, 
just settling back into NYC life.

Are your kids back in school already?

Off to unpack, and find my missing rotary cutters that I stuck in a box somewhere! ;-)


  1. Your block is fantastic! And I'm so glad you bought that dress. I had thought about it. Glad I'll get to see it someday. Happy settling back in to the city.

  2. As the mom to a soldier in the Army, I'd be happy to make a block for you.

  3. What a fabulous block! The red and blue in the center just sparkle.
    Yes - my kids went back to school last Thursday - I am missing those slow, lazy summer mornings...

  4. What a great block! I'm going to ask my son to save his uniforms when he needs new ones. :o) Maybe when the workers are close enough to be eye level with your apartment you can hand a fun sign for them to read!

  5. I love to get rid of things too LOL ! Yes pass them on as well..There is something about starting fresh from nothing isnt there ?
    By the way I changed the name of my blog again loooong story hope you will visit me again ! Formerly Izzyquilts now Sunflowercottage21..

  6. Welcome home, this is my fav time of year, routines get re-established, the colors of nature are so inspiring, and the cooler nights are perfect for snuggling under quilts! WOW, 20 to BAsics, you rock!

  7. Great block Victoria! Today's the first day of school for my high schooler. The other two started last week. Now they're ALL back in...and I will have more than 5 minutes of peace at a time. ;)

  8. Riley is starting her 4th week at a new IB high school (9th grade), so we've been back to the grind for a while. Hard to believe they can drop a huge new building in that little space. It would be fun to mess with the workers' minds...maybe one day be in a still pose, like a mannequin...then, at some point, start moving...hee-hee-hee.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  9. Very inspiring block!
    Schools started last week around here. Hubby and K back in the routine of schools/work etc..
    You will have plenty time adjusting to the new light situation.. May be there will be more reflection from the glass windows of other building being constructed.

  10. Great Block V! Now I am convinced that you never sleep. Do you live on red bull?? Vitamins??? What' the secret?

    I'm sure you will figure out a great lighting solution. I am going to have the same problem where I am going, great space, not alot of natural light. We'll have to compare notes! oxo

  11. i should have been unpacking,but I dug out those fabrics ASAP just to get that block done before I went to bed last night... then it was time for me to go to bed, I could not sleep for nothing because I was all wound up about how cool it turned out... LOL! so I laid there a couple hours thinking about making more...

    the construction workers start at 6am, so I was up early to all their NOISE... it's now 3pm and they all went home.. Really??? 9 to 5 would be a hell of a lot better on my sleep patterns... and so would not making quilt blocks at 11pm at night!

  12. Lovely block, and what an inspiring project!

    Oh, those midnight quilty thoughts... great ideas percolate up in dark, quiet hours; definitely a factor in my WIPs/UFOs pile.

  13. The charity/donation quilting group I belong to, From Our Heart, donates to a family support group at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington. I had recently been inspired to make a Disappearing 4 Patch out of various camo fabrics (upcycled from the Goodwill) and some of my blue batiks. We always need quilts for the teenage boys on base whose parents don't make it back from deployment.

  14. What a great star block! Sorry to hear about the new neighbors, but lighting is a solvable challenge.

  15. Very cool block made from uniforms! That will be a special quilt for sure.

    Too bad about the building going up next to you. :( Way to ruin your view.

    My daughter started school today - University! She's now living 5 hours away from me. I'm just not old enough to be an empty-nester (I guess there are some disadvantages to having children when you're very young.)

    I hope Boo has a wonderful first day on Friday!

  16. thats horrible that your neighbor is going to grow and block your light! I used to live in chicago... what i remember about my apartment was the incredible light in most of the rooms, i loved it. it was a 3 story shotgun apartment on a corner.

    I dont have kids but i have step grandchildren. 2 of them started pre-k this year. After 1 week one has gotten in trouble for giving another kid a bloody nose! I hope he has a patient teacher, he is going to need it.

  17. Wow, your block really stands out. Love it... looking at your window apartment makes me miss NYC....
    perhaps in a couple of years time I'll visit again (next year is Spain, France & Italy)...

  18. Lovely as always Victoria ..I finally settled on my blog name you are welcome to visit me. please visit my website for 911

  19. fun block with the camo fabric - very cool -
    sorry to hear about your "new neighbor".

  20. Great block! You may send us all scurrying to army surplus stores. Sorry about the new building... Hopefully you'll get more light than you anticipate. The new full spectrum lighting systems are pretty good and they do extend your work day...

  21. Love the block! Very cool. A BIG bummer about the building and the natural lighting...and the privacy issues too. Guess that's the city...

  22. Such a great block, welcome home! Aaah, the noise of the city :) There's been nothing nicer than getting back into the school routine here, started Monday, phew! that's better :)

  23. If you had not mentioned the camo, I wouldn't have noticed. What a great looking block!!!

  24. The camo looks great in that block. It's kinda vintage looking, but very contemporary too. I'm sorry I've been busy and missed your camo play challenge.


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