Monday, September 26, 2011


My sewing machine is acting up today... it is not playing nicely... 
I managed to eek out a couple blocks 
But it's being to difficult so I gave up.

You can see I changed my mind on my fabrics... I decided to go all shirtings...

Did you play along? 
Did you get your first block made for the blogger's BOM?

You can pop your images into the flickr group when you have!


  1. Love the stripes going every which way. How fun. I got my block done and posted on my blog however flickr isn't allowing me to join the pool. Hrumph!

  2. LOVE these blocks w the shirtings!!!!

  3. LOVE your block...shirtings...what a terrific idea!

  4. Love the idea of recyling. And it looks like such a Happy Block! Nice Job.

  5. Great fabric choice. I am sorry your machine is ailing. I hope it recovers quickly.

  6. Love the stripes - makes it very unusal and very fun. I did my block to and are looking forward to the next challenge.

  7. i cleaned and oiled my juki yesterday then when i was ready to start sewing it wouldn't go. i ate a box of cookies. sigh. then i discovered the bobbin winding arm thingy was engaged. all's well that ends well, except for the cookies.didn't end well for them. :>)


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