Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quilters Take Manhattan: NYC

 We all had a blast wearing Jay's clothes around Saturday... We all sadly gave the clothes back... ;-)
Above:Jay talks about his "Touchstone" object during his Q.S.O.S. story. 
The Orange outfit modeled by Luke Haynes (rock star quilter),  was a project Jay did in College, 
dealing with Mental illness...Straight jacket included! 
 Lisa, (9patchnurse), won an interview with Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski for a clip on
their "Quilt out Loud" show explaining what a Q.S.O.S. interview is,
and a bit how it goes...  
So great to see you again Lisa!

 Marianne Fons was fabulous.
It was Mary Fons, (of QUILTY, ) Birthday! Happy Birthday Mary!
 We ended the day with a cocktail party at City Quilter and a viewing of
Noriko Endo quilts... Lovely!

6 Board members small quilts were auctioned off at the event. 
I bought Luke's Quilt.

I wonder who the image is? LOL

 Johanna, bought mine, and it is on it's way to Florida... 
Thank you so much for coming out to support the Alliance!

Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories
Volunteer at the 2011 International Quilt Festival.

You can be a help!!

If any of you are heading to Houston in November, 
the Alliance will be conducting over 62 Q.S.O.S. interviews on the floor of festival!

We need VOLUNTEERS  and you can learn how to
conduct the interviews, and 
be able to save the stories in your area!

You can read some of the Q.S.O.S. interviews here.
Document, Preserve and Share!


  1. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

    Happy sewing

  2. I bet you had a blast. Love the pictures. Hugs.

  3. What fun! The quilts you donated and bought are both wonderful.

  4. Oh my gosh! I am still star struck. Seeing and meeting so many of my quilting heros (and Mary Fons is a new one for sure!.) It was an awesome 2 days and I had a great time every single minute. I hope the Alliance does this every year. Victoria, I can't believe you were able to give that skirt back, it was gorgeous on you. Thank you so much for all the fun and excitement.

  5. Looks like a rousing success! Love the skirt you were wearing, very nice. Great job on this event!

  6. I loved reading both of your posts about the events this weekend. It must have been absolutely fascinating to be able to attend!

  7. Thanks again for the ticket I had a wonderful time. What a great organization and great project the Q.S.o.S is. I so appreciate that Mary Fons gave me hope that my 20 year old might still find the same joy in quilting that I do someday!

  8. Victoria, your quilt creation is GORGEOUS! Looks like everyone had a marvelous time.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  9. congrats on a very successful weekend
    wish i could have been there.
    ok i LOVE the quilt you made.
    how did you get the word on there?
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little quilt
    I would have jumped at the chance to buy that !
    the quilting is amazing, you have come a long way! I am so impressed with your quilting

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks ike a wonderful time. I love the clothes and models. Wish I could have seen them in person. Maybe next time!

  11. What a fun weekend! It would almost be worth going crazy to wear such a beautiful strait jacket...

  12. Such a fun time for all of us to read about this, V! Sounds like you all had a ball and all did a fabulous job in all ways! I'd say that was one cool quilt to buy and it will sure fit it spectacularly with your loft decor. Everyone is saying you did a a fabulous job of your interview..that's so great! Awesome in all ways!

  13. That looks like a fantastic event! I really enjoy the work of Luke Haynes and Jay McCarroll -- I would have loved to meet them in person. I hope Quilters Take Manhattan happens again in the future. :-)

  14. 'quilters take manhattan'
    we had to make do with ' rioters take london'
    looks such fun


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