Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 GASP! What's that you say?
You dont' have any UFO's to finish up for BASICS?
Well, there is always a nice, fast, easy, and FUN quilt you can put together!
Let me and Boo show you!
Remember the STACK of 10.5" squares you all sent for last year's call for help? 
This stack used to be 7" high!  I still have about 2" to go...  
(please don't me send me anymore, I have enough to go!)

Boo put this together last night from the left over squares. It's bright and cheery.   

If you can just cut a bunch of 10.5" blocks and do 6 across and 8 down,
 that makes a nice twin size!
EASY PEASY, Lemon squeesy!

All size quilts are welcome. 
We do get a lot of baby quilts, and frankly we need more
 grown up quilts.

Keep them happy!

 I know sometimes when people donate they like to send their "not so Pretties",
If you are MAKING a quilt for BASICS, PLEASE PERK EM UP!
Personally, I feel if you are giving to one in need, they should have something beautiful. 

 I picked out a bunch from the 10.5" square pile last night, most left are a bit DULL, 
so I am making the effort to revive them with some fresh bright and lively fabrics.
Easy quilts are good, Take the opportunity to PLAY with color and make them fun!

 I pulled the colors in the calico like the reds and golds,
And also had a great piece I can use for backing to pull it all together.
 It also adds a touch of blue and green to the quilt!  
Maybe I can stick a bit of that into the top there too!
I had an email about doing a quilt along, do you feel up for it?  

Simple quilts like this, cutting and sewn top can be done in an hour and a half.
If we give a goal a week. Cut one week, sew the next week,  backing and baste another, 
and quilt it and bind it.  

Would you be up for it? And share our images on the flickr page?
Send me your thoughts, and also if you've sent a quilt in the past, leave me a
comment too. I'd love to hear from you!

Nicole's quilt she added to the FLICKR group!

Pat and I have added a flickr group for you to add pictures of your quilts 
when you send them. I've added a bunch of photos of quilts and pics from the
 events our efforts have been a part of so far. Go take a peek! Maybe you will
 see a quilt YOU donated in the past!

ALL the info is there that you need.

We need your quilts ASAP, We are trying to make sure we can do another 
Distribution event just after Thanksgiving.

Let's see how many we get by November 24th!

 "I'm coming the next time you have a Quilt Distribution event!"

So?  Let's make her get on a plane and come! 

 Send quilts, and Jacquie will come! 
Thank you Jacquie!
You've been gracious to send a box of quilts!


  1. I have lots of fabric for charity quilts, just don't have the money to buy battings and shipping till after the deadline. I was thinking of making up tops for now and then finding a place nearby that I could donate too, we do have a new place being rebuilt for woman and their kids, so I am sure they will need quilts for their new homes.


  2. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing. I have so many irons in the fire, including local quilt closets to help fill, that I can't promise, but I will try. Good luck in this great idea.
    Hugs, Deborah

  3. Love looking at the great photos of the donated quilts and the people who received them. I saw several photos of my quilt that I donated, the house quilt with the castle in the center block. I'll start an easy full size quilt right away.

    Thank you for heading up this project!

    : )

  4. I will do what I can. I have a pretty small stash, with most of it being scraps smaller than 10". I am going to look for backing fabric on sale and use my 50% coupon for batting. Having no money and having quilting as a passion is the pits, sometimes. Especially when I want to make more charitable quilts. I will do this.

  5. I will commit to making at least 5adult-sized quilts. And I'm coming to the distibution, too! You're the coolest, V!

  6. I've just been thinking about Basics and wondering if they still need quilts....thanks for the nudge ;-)

  7. Count me in! And who knows I may have miles left to hop on a plane for distribution day....

    And yes, I do have UFO's, but sometimes a new start is needed.
    Thanks V!

  8. OH hey those are some funky quilt colors wow !! ( as in good)LOL

  9. Would love to send you something, but will have to start from scratch. (Yes, I have UFOs, but not of the finish-up-quickly kind; fortunately I also have ample stash to play with on something quick-easy.)

    A quilt-along is probably the only way I might possibly squeeze another project in.

  10. I have a donation quilt in progress I can send to Basics - I'll try to hurry it along. So many things are in the "to be quilted" pile right now!

  11. Victoria-
    I was just reading more about your project. Great cause! I have a question for you...What is the line and designer for the fabric with a cat on it next to the blue fabric in the photo with your daughter laying out fabric squares. It's so colorful and cute. I love it.


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