Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cotton Dress obsessed...

 Yes, I have a cotton dress obsession, and I admit it.

and this is how I justify it,
 I have been collecting them for about 16 years....
Mary e commented yesterday about my dresses 
I am always wearing in my posts...

So, here they all are... I'm vintage dress junkie...

 I have so many favorites, It's hard to pick just one... Depends on how hot it is out side,
(And if I have to wear a bra!) 
to much info?
hahaha! LOL!

Boo said, can I be in the shots too?
I looked at her, and said,
"Well of course! You are wearing a cotton dress too!"

Like mother, like daughter.
What can I say?

 NYC, London, MN, East hampton, and another from a London antique shop...
they come from far and wide...
The vintage ones fit me like gloves...
There is something about the 40's cuts that fit me just right...
I think it's the tiny waists on those dresses...
( I get that from my mother, Thanks mom!)
So I am always on the search for cotton, size 6 or 8's or 10's...
I can always take them in!

Got any hiding in your closet?  You know where to send them!

These are four of my favorites, I wear these way to often!

I was directed by Boo how I should be posing in this pic. 
How did I do?

My new favorite dress is this blue with the cherries on it... It's soooo comfortable, 

Next to my favorite daughter.

Lucky I have just one daughter! 

We had so much fun putting this post together... 
Thanks Mary for your comment...

And just to ADD to the special cuddly moment.....



You all felt that one, didn't you?



  1. What a terrific post!! I was anxious to see this after we talked yesterday and you didn't disappoint. Boo is too cute!

  2. What a fun post!! Great photos of you and Boo. Love all your dresses (even though I'm not a dress person myself). A great collaborative post by mom and daughter!!

  3. Ah such fun Summer dresses. You and Boo were both having fun.
    Thanks for the smile on my face.

  4. Tell Boo, she knows how to get a good pose out of the "old lady". I would LOVE to find cotton dresses in the stores this season... why have 97% cotton and 3% some icky chemical thread? As far as the lick, is that a daughter or a dog????? Fun Post.... on with the week-end.

  5. oh my goodness! loooooooove your cotton dresses, so very happy and victoria :) crazy fabulous post, loved the pose, and love the photos :)basically a whole lotta love.


  6. Fun post and love the photos with you and your daughter. I like comfy clothes and we won't mention how much I hate wearing that other item, lol. I am usually home, so tanks and sweat shorts is my summer wear. I bought a pair of shorts and they are a bit big on me, so guess I finally lost some weight;)


  7. Its all fun, but I would be tempted to cut those yummy dresses into quilt bits!

    Happy Sewing

  8. I can feel the love all the down here in Florida! Have a great day you two!!

  9. So funny! Love those little moments of love.

  10. What fun. Love those cotton dresses. Boo did a great job posing you. Hugs

  11. Awwww. This post is too cute! You always look so good in your cotton dresses and so does Boo. Wear them with pride! Wish I had one to send you. :o)

  12. Looks like memories were made today!

  13. Only one dress has ever been cut up for a quilt... A XXL dress of pink brown and green that was made into a quilt for my daughter when she was a baby... ;-) It set the tone for the whole nursery. Maybe I can dig it out...

  14. daughter used to do that licking thing to get on my nerves. It's so gross - and it stinks! haha

    Love your cotton dress collection!

  15. all the beautiful fabrics are making me drool!! I love cotton dresses too, so practical and comfortable but i dont get to wear them often. yall made me smile, thanks!!

  16. Sweet kid ya got there, Vic. Lovely cottons, too. I have worn dresses more often this summer than in the past. Maybe cuz my “Teri Tummy” (ate lots of ice cream after sister died) feels best without a zipper or button poking it! I have taken to wearing leggings with a beautiful sarong tied over my hips. The sarong draws compliments and that feels good too once in a while.

  17. thanks for the post! it's brought on a big smile, i never ever dreamed that you had such a big secret hiding in your closet(s)!!! one word, WOW! i think the cherry on top was the lick. we live with cotton and dogs. :>)

  18. So cute!! Don't ya just love having a little girl:):) I do!! Mine is 11 yrs. Lovely dresses :):) hugs--Sandie

  19. That is TOO funny! My Cowboy does that to me ALL the time . . . WIPE! Then he pretends to be offended that I'm wiping it off . . . OR . . . he'll come up behind me somewhere in public and whisper in my ear: "I'm gonna lick your ear . . ." Ugh!

  20. oh my she is WORSE than a puppy!!! and lookie at all the pretty dresses... how cool is THIS post!

  21. well I see a lot of fun dresses in these pictures but I really see some beautiful quilts made from them!
    what fun. oh Boo she is just adorable, what a great picture it needs to be framed its moments like that you will remember forever!
    they go by quickly enjoy everyone of them just got home last night from Indiana dropping the youngest off at college...I feel a few sewing marathon days coming on!

  22. Wonderful dresses, lovely post and beautiful daughter! I don't have any cotton dresses to share but this made me think of a box of dresses that I have stored away. They were my grandmas dresses. After her funeral in 1994, my grandpa let me and my daughter go through my Grandma Goldie's things because we were the only ones near her size.....very small. She was so petite that almost nothing fit but I could not bear to part with her dresses. She was always so proper......a pretty dress, matching beads and back in the 50's, a hat and handbag might match. We were not well-off, but she always looked so neat. The dresses aren't vintage but are made of polyester knits, etc. and so I kept a dozen of them. I am not sure what I will do with them but they are there when I figure it out. Maybe they will just stay as they are. Just knowing they are there and that they remind me of my grandma is almost as comforting as a ........ cotton dress. :-)

  23. Such a Sweetie! Lovely moments ... thanks for sharing!

  24. Ooh, vintage dresses and beautiful Boo. Only I would have ended up cutting them up for quilts

  25. You know, as a youngster, and up until about 5 years ago, I almost never wore dresses. Man, I didn't know the freedom I was missing out on! Nowadays, particularly in the spring and summer, I wear dresses 19 out of 20 days. I LOVE THEM! I figure, I can't have too many. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Yours look so classic and comfy! Thanks for sharing.

  26. the dresses are really awesome, the color combination is awesome.. thanks for the lovely post!!
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