Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clean(ish) Studio

 I cleaned my studio.

I found things I had forgotten I had....

I made a ball from HelenNoBLOG's scraps. ( finally)

 I lost a few things 
I thought I knew I had

... before I cleaned my studio.

(camera is dead, can't find the charger, gotta use iphone
 for pics with company coming tomorrow!)

I found Jenny Egg buried in scraps.

I found the sun.


My studio is still a bit messy.



  1. Love your sun photo! Good for you cleaning your studio. I love finding forgotten and lost things while cleaning but hate having to look for something that I know I put somewhere clever while cleaning up. The clue is to find the right tidy/messy ratio when you can play freely and still find your stuff when needed.

  2. The sun picture is glorious!
    Thanks for sharing them all.

  3. Great photos. It's always more fun making the mess than cleaning it up! I "heart" your company's handbags and blog. Have fun!

  4. Victoria, I love your blog. It's fresh, bright, clean, with lovely pictures. I'll be back.
    Cyndi Souder


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