Wednesday, August 31, 2011

back to calm.

 Alice said, " I came here a stripper and I'm leaving here a piecer!"
 Of course she meant, a jelly roll stripper, and now a PAPER PIECER!
She was a fast learner to paper piecing, and she is making her way through 

 She is FABULOUS at making bags!  check out her blog, Doris Batting
They got  an extra week visit due to old IRENE.... ;-)  We're loving it. 
We don't get to see our British family very often!
She gave me this fabulous IKKAT SILK bag, as she knows I LOVE IKKAT... can you tell?
 It looks good with my dress, no?  I LOVE MY BAG! Thank you!!!! 
It's all MY colors too! Golds, purples, greens browns! Yum!

 And she made notebooks  that have a cover of her WAVERUNNER quilt 
that she made from my tutorial! Love that!

 We took them to Shelter Island for the day yesterday, and I saw this truck which 
reminded me of the truck we had on the farm...(Which was bright yellow with an orange grill)
 I loved the colors of this Chevy...and it inspired a whole quilt... 
Which I will show you all another day.  Gotta get sewing... 

Hubby took the girls to the beach so we could save ourselves the sand in our suits...


  1. It's always fun to meet another talented quilter. Love that truck-inspired block!

  2. Those blocks your friend did are amazing---quite breathtaking actually.

    Love your new bag too:P

  3. Alice's blocks look amazing. She's got this all figured out now! and I just knew you were going to be posting with a fabulous bag in your hand. I love her blog and seeing all the amazing purses. And yeah! for moving her along with the pp'ing.

  4. It is so nice to get out and enjoy the day after that storm, surely makes us appreciate the little things. Your friend did a wonderful job on her quilting.


  5. I think she needs to be part of my guild: the Strip Piecers!

  6. The paper pieced blocks are so cheerful! I love the idea of a cool vintage pick-up inspiring a quilt...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. The whole book? Wow that is an amazing amount of work!
    They are looking good so far Alice. Hey, need me to send over a Hooker?
    Yes, that is what my girlfriend calls herself cause she makes wool hooked rugs.

    Happy Sewing

  8. Strippers and hookers?
    I apologise for lowering the tone of this blog Victoria
    It's the dodgy British humour

  9. I love British humour....has class when it's spelled with a "u".....and I love all the bags on doris batting.
    I've been a Bag Lady for years!

  10. So glad you all survived the the storm :) great to see Alice again! :)


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