Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest blogger: Lisa

The Red Room

I decided to do my solid segments challenge using Matisse's Red Room,  This painting has always inspired me.  I love the colors the most.  This painting is loose and yet defined at the same time.  I had the exceptional experience of seeing this painting in person three years ago at The Hermitage in Russia.  At the time I didn't know that this painting hung there.  I headed to the Impressionists galleries because they are my faves and imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and found one of my favorite paintings staring back at me!

So now the challenge.  Victoria sent out the word and I thought, "Hey that could be fun!"  So in I jumped.  I must say that I was intimidated.  I even went back and looked at other paintings after I realized this challenge might be over my head.  In the end I kept coming back to the Red Room, and I saw that I needed to give it a shot.

I cut a piece of paper 15 x 15 to loosely sketch out where I wanted things to go and to help me with scale in keeping the finished piece the right size.  

I started in the upper left hand corner because I thought that looked a little easier and if I could just get a corner done, it would keep me on track.  As in any big undertaking, breaking it up into smaller sections helps you see it through to the end.  Once I got rolling, I couldn't stop!  

I did have to re-do a couple of parts when I realized they were either too big or too small for the over all design.  I'm not big on measuring, so for me it's trial and error most of the time.

I love the way the top came out.  It is a tad bigger than the 15x15, but I'm sure my swap partner Shelly won't be upset!  Now to the quilting.  I did leave this on my sewing table for four or five days.  I was again intimidated and didn't want to ruin it!  I kept circling it like a cat hoping for some inspiration.  

After much contemplation I thought the best way go was to just start.  I knew I wanted lots of free-motion quilting for all the blue detail in the painting.  I also did some black lines in the trees and the chair.  I didn't want to over load the piece, so I kept it simple.

For the back I used some Matisse fabric that I had in my stash.  If you look closely you can see one of the woman that Victoria did in a solid of hers.  Too fun!
I really enjoyed this whole process.  It made me stretch my mind and flex my muscles.  I had to think outside the normal piecing box and figure out how to make it work.  Thank you so much to Victoria for inspiring us to do so.  I am also very grateful to be a guest blogger on her blog too.  I have to pinch myself!

**Thank you Lisa for playing along! I am just giddy that you actually had MATISSE FABRIC in your stash!
Gotta go find me some of that!  I loved seeing how you approached making the top.  You worked it out, you tried something new, and it's really adorable!  Well done!!!!


  1. Wow! Very nice interpretation of such a nice piece of art. :)

  2. Lisa, thank you for sharing your process ...
    the quilt is truly special.

  3. Lisa, it's great to see not only your finished piece, but your steps along the way. Your backing is perfect for this quilt!

  4. Seeing your process was great, I love how it turned out, and the back is so special! Great job!

  5. Lisa, your vision of The Red Room really captures the exuberance of a Matisse. I especially like your addition of the stripes as a decorative element. Great quilting, too!

  6. That's my quilt!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You sure got the short end of the stick on that swap, Lisa. Mine was not near so complicated or intricate. I love the burgundy, and I really squealed when I saw the backing! I'm just soooo impressed with all the little pieces! Thank you so much! It's going on the wall in my studio.


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