Monday, July 11, 2011

Matisee and MN

I had to squeeze in some Matisse fish last night...
Something fun to think about this week while I am sitting at the dock on the bay!
 I'm off to MN for a week.  I'll see you all next week!
My best friend from High School's, eldest daughter graduated High school.
I'm going home for the Grad party....
I can not believe she is 18.  
Holy Moly time flies.

I'll be hitting all my fav fabric shops and antique stores too. 
Hope to bring home some goodies for show and tell!

Kia (aka: the pillow squasher) doing her best job...

Don't forget the FREE tickets in the last post! wahoo!
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  1. wow, you made three! I'm still having trouble finding a painting I want to play with. have fun in MN despite the shut down.

  2. i just love these blocks you are making. The fish are so cute!
    Have fun in MN with the Grad.

  3. I love the blocks! I was inspired to make Matisse's Blue Lady. I took me more than 15 minutes but I enjoyed playing and have been bitten by the improv bug. (I posted Blue Lady on the Flickr site and you can read about it on my blog.)

  4. think this trip to the lake may be lil warmer than last trip. enjoy! are the puppy childrenn with you are did they stay home guarding? have fun. :>)

  5. Love the little fishes. This is going to be a GREAT quilt.

  6. Have a fabulous getaway! Yes, the time goes quickly and so much fun to be had along the way. I have been mulling around the Matisse in my mind and can't wait for inspiration to happen, yours is looking wonderful, the red POPS!!!

  7. You redfixh are so cute.....and so is Kia!!!! I need to get some fish, and a dog or two.

  8. Oh what beautiful blocks.
    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  9. Kia is a cute beastie. I have two pillow squashers here.


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