Friday, July 22, 2011


 I've been hiding inside all day or in the pool... 
I didn't notice til later that the Fed ex man 
left a big parcel on my door step!
Anguilian Sunrise (click for old links) is quilted!
 It's so Beautiful! Angela did a great job on it... That girl can rock some great quilting....
I'm so glad she did, I just haven't been able to tackle quilting all my big quilts...  
This quilt took me ages to work out...I'm still trying to get OLD tops done,
without starting to many new projects...

This quilt had started as two completely different projects and and over a 
year finally morphed into one.

Paula Prass Sumer Soiree fabrics were used in the Dresdens,
 so I came back and used her fabric for the backing as well.. 
sort of a warm and cool thing going on...

 The best place to HANG a quilt.... ;-)

Best place to HANG inside.... (and hide from the heat)

Me and the EGG are hanging at the pool. 

What will you be doing?

Stay cool my quilt-y friends!

(don't miss the giveaway in the last post!)


  1. OMGL send the heat this way.. people having been coining the term Julember because it's been SO crap over here on the West Coast.

    That quilt is beautiful! nice job on the quilting as well!!

  2. Your quilt is awesome!!Well done and congratulations.

  3. I do love that quilt! Isn't this heat a beast? Your pup has the right idea. Relax, get comfy, snooze!

  4. the quilting on this is amazing!! thanks for posting the close-up shots. oh, and i love summer for exposed tatoos! you (and the egg) look awesome by the pool~

  5. Love the house. Love the quilt. Love the tatoos. Love the pool I want to jump in.

  6. The quilt is beautiful, love the design and fabrics.
    Our pool is in the sun and it was too hot to even go in, felt like I couldn't breath outside, seems we are getting city air today, lol. At least it will end soon, need to get out on the water and do some paddling in the waves, will be a nice reprieve.


  7. Everyone needs to come to San Diego, it's 72 and breezy. Love the quilt, what a work of art!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! Nice work, both of you. Fun to see that awesome tat! Hope that weather cools soon. It'd be a nice time for you to visit me--71 today.

  9. Just beautiful! The quilting on it is stunning! Heat, what heat? 70 today but they're saying we actually see 80 tomorrow or Sunday. If we do it will be the first time sinc least summer! This is "the summer that wasn't" in the pacific northwest!

  10. the quilt is exquisite - the ink is reverently ~stupendous~ , girl !

    the air temp here in SC is 106 - morbidly grotesque

  11. It's a beauty! So great that it's done and ready to throw on your bed. Too bad it is so freaking hot here! You can't sleep under a quilt.

    And hey, hey, hey all you west coast people stop teasing us! We are melting here! hehehehe. :)

  12. Just gorgeous!! I think that hanging it there adds beauty, but also a little bit of shade underneath! Nice to have options for the heat too!

  13. That quilt is stunning and so is the quilting!! Congrats on a terrific UFO.

  14. Okay that quilting is just perfect on your quilt!... what a super quilt!
    Did you plan the quilting or turn it over to your longarmer to do "her thing"?
    No A/c here but thank goodness for the pool!

    Stay cool and out of the sun.

    Happy Sewing

  15. Yes,the heat is rearing its ugly head way too many times around here as well in NC:( We are getting 103 temp tomorrow and rain all weekend:/

    Love the shot of the quilt from the balcony and the tats---wooooooo girl!!!

  16. Love the quilt and the quilting makes it even better.Wish we were warmer down in Melbourne (Australia)... Love the tattoo..I have one too...(body art, I call it)!

  17. Awesome quilt: wow, another stunner! And Angela's quilting is incredible. wow. Yes we are hot as well, staying indoors and snoozing sounds about right! but oh, I want a close up of your tat! V, it looks amazing!

  18. Wow, magnificent quilt!! Just going out with Turbo (dog!) all wrapped up in winter waterproofs...what summer?!

  19. Oh what a fantastic quilt and terrific picture of it hanging from the balcony, top marks, Victoria. I like the little patchwork cushion - weren't hexagons fun to do. I'm rather enjoying our Scottish summer - cool with intervals of torrential rain. The vegetables are doing well! We've actually got a bit of sun this morning.

  20. Your quilt takes my breath away ... gorgeous, beautiful, absolutely stunning! Congrats to you, Victoria, & to Angela!

  21. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    So how did she get the name of Jenny Egg?


  22. Love this quilt. The quilting works so well with your design.
    Stay cool.

  23. Love that quilt hanging outdoors...."Sisters East" ????

  24. Beautiful! I like ALL your quilts but you have really outdone yourself here girl! LOVE IT! My husband's in VT and is WILTING...I want SUN in Seattle but I'll take the 70's...stay cool!


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