Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girl can sing!

 Progress I happening on the Signature quilt!
Working on pieced borders... may take me a while!

Last night was the big party for Art for Life, at Russell Simmons house...
It was pretty amazing let me tell you.
Jennifer Hudson rocked the house and had everyone on her feet when she sang, 
"Your gonna love me."

Mary J Blige, Ed Norton, Kimora, Djimon, Gayle King  etc etc...(pics here)

Gotta tell ya, Ed Norton was one of the honoree's. He gave a speech about
art, and creativity and what it means to the youth coming up,
that I can confirm that he is both cute and very smart.
(my Husband agreed!) (on the smart part)

Everyone was looking good... 
And in good spirits...

We had a lovely time.... 
But that's enough dress up for me for one year.


  1. The siggy quilt is looking great! And that looks like it was a really fun night! You look fabulous, by the way! So does your stud-muffin! lol

  2. It sounds like you all had so much fun! Wish I was there.

    I received the fabric. Thanks again!

  3. What a great picture of you and the hubs!! Loving the way he looks at you. Lucky girl. ox

    Oh and your siggy quilt looks fab too.

  4. Wow!! Took a look at the pics and you guys were rubbing elbows with some of the stars! But you and Michael look by far the best! The picture really shows how much he adores you. Lucky girl!

  5. Love how the siggy quilt is coming along, they do seem to find their own setting, don't they. Party sounded like a great time, you look beautiful, love your necklace and love how your dh is adoring you in the photo. Super!

  6. Such a cute couple,you need to frame that one!!

    The quilt is looking good girl!

  7. You look absolutely stunning--both of you!

  8. are you not dressing up when we come over then V?
    I'm disappointed....but good to see the signature quilt in evolution, looks great

  9. You look lovely in your dress. Did you wear heels? wink wink

    Your signature quilt is coming along nicely. I'm still bummed I never sent you a block. I hope you have a few other Canadian blocks nestled in there!

  10. What a fun evening! Love seeing how the sig quilt is coming along. You look great in red (fab necklace, BTW).

  11. Love the way you look in red!!!!!

  12. Love how the quilt is turning out!!
    You two are a beautiful couple!

  13. You look smashing V!! What a party girl!

  14. thank you for all you share...

  15. Great picture of the two of you rubbing elbows with the stars!

    Oh the siggy quilt is looking good and I can still find my block :0).

    Happy Sewing and good luck with that apt.

  16. That's quite a guest list! How I would love to hear Jennifer Hudson sing in person - sometimes I get goosebumps just hearing her in the movies or the radio! And Mary J Blige is one of my husband's favorite artists. Fun, fun, fun!

  17. It blows my mind that this is at someone's home! Looks like a fun weekend, and at least you went for comfy with your dress-up! You look great, girlfriend!

    Your quilt is looking good these days too....

  18. GORGEOUS!!!! you guys make such a beautiful couple. You look radiant girl.



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