Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just a quick drop in to say hi to my blog pals!
 I have a few rented minutes of wifi, so i thought
I'd say hi from Cadaques', Spain.
It's GLORIOUS here... We were meant to be here one day to see
 one of Salvador Dali's houses, and we could not leave... We have been here
 three days, and just love it... We've threatened to not come back!
But alas, that won't happen... Thursday we are back to Barcelona.
Pics when I return...

And, yes, I have been hand sewing by the pool. 
(my shoulders are sunburned even though I sit in the shade!)


  1. Enjoy your trip,sounds like a FAB time!!!

  2. I'm glad you're having fun! I look forward to talking to you when you get home. I'm thinking of ya! All good thoughts!

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time. You deserve it. Enjoy!

  4. So glad you are having so much fun! Can't wait to see all your pictures! I get sunburned sitting in the shade too . . . with sunscreen!

  5. Enjoy that time by the pool and lots of relaxing!

  6. Now that's a vacation! So pleased you all got there safely :) Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy...relax. Europe is great...stay!! Come and see alll the great bits of the UK you missed!

  8. Oh I can't wait to see the pictures, I have never been to Spain.
    Sounds like you are having a restful time......oh and do tell us about the food!

    Happy sewing

  9. Wonderful! Can't wait for pics!

  10. Ah how glorious. We can all live vicariously thru you. Looking forward to pictures

  11. Sounds idyliic, can we all join you?

  12. I hope you are looking at floors and buildings and seeing new colour combinations and patterns enjoy,enjoy

  13. You are having way too much fun.
    sewing by the pool? Lucky you.. I can just feel the breeze:)

  14. Living vicariously through you!! I so wish I were sitting by the pool with you laughing and chatting and sewing!! Can't wait until you are back and to see the photos!


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