Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TREES and more trees

 Not very much PLAYING going on over here...  
I took about 20 minutes to play with
these scrappy Christmas blocks... so I wouldn't go crazy...
 I need one Xmas quilt gift for sure this year, and figured I better get on it.

The past two weeks have been crammed with deadlines!
(sneak peak above!  Yes,white! You'll see them later in the year.)
Happily, I will have those deadlines reached by Friday.
I feel so out of touch with everyone!
  I'm sorry I haven't even gotten to my emails!
I will, I promise!

When Shelly came she gave me this little tree quilt as a giftie. Isn't it sweet?
Thank you girl!

So then I had to make a tree... LOL! (binding is not done)  Isn't it cute?

And then she made a TREE block while she was here, 
based on an old TREE quilt I have here....
What is it with us two and TREES??
Last year when she was here we made a set of trees... 
I made mine up into a this TREEHOUSE TOP. (it is still sitting here) LOL!
She has no idea where she put hers... hehe!
Speaking of which.....

 We both started a collaboration quilt together based on this tree...
Hmmm, now where did I put that? 
It's in my hands to work on it, but it may take some
digging to find it...  

I think we seriously need to evaluate what it is about the two of us making trees!

 In my free minutes, I have been sketching like crazy.... Something I have not done in a while...
lot's of leaves... (No TREES?) haha  (yet)

Anyone have any thoughts on this odd tree development?


  1. All of the quilty trees are wonderful! Love all the color mixes! Your sketching is fabulous! What a beautiful bird in the branches! Gorgeous!

  2. It must be spring, I just want to make flowers and birds and nature things, lol. It was a long winter, nature and bright colors make me happy:)


  3. Of course we like trees! What's not to like about them? And ours not only look good, but they were fun to make. Doesn't get any better than that! Happy sewing my friend!

  4. Trees are a sign of growth so maybe you two feel you have grown as friends and quilters!!

    They are very enchanting to look at anyway:)

  5. Spring Fever! Trees and flowers, I'm sure the flowers will come later.

  6. Yep, it's probably because the trees are budding and blooming (well, not here. not yet. but soon.)

    In any case, I like 'em. And your scrappy Christmas blocks. And I love your bird sketch!

  7. LOVE those Christmas blocks...kudos to you for being so organized to do it now!

  8. Spring is busting out all over and you are both channeling it in your work! Love your sketch!

  9. I love trees, too. in fact, the sound of a chain saw makes me want to weep.

  10. When I first started quilting again I was totally enamored with trees and houses. I really need to make a tree and house quilt.

    Love yours.

    glen: might just have to steal it!

  11. wow, lots of great projects in this post. Well, it's spring, trees are budding and blooming.... who knows, just run with it since it's inspiring your work. I love the piping on your current tree.

  12. I always wanted to live in a tree house. (But now the fantasy may be related to getting away from those teen-aged girls that live in my house.)

  13. I love the tree blocks!! So colorful and Spring-y.
    The Christmas blocks are awesome.
    I love trees, too.

  14. Yes, there seems to be a, I can't explain, but love to look at all the pretties!

  15. My brother and I have a similar obsession with chairs. I'm making a quilt-as-you-go using the tute from Pennysewtakeahike. It is turning out so cute, I may end up keeping it instead of giving it to my brother.

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  16. Nothing wrong with a focus on trees...that coming from a tree hugger! I love trees, love to plant them, watch every season of their life, sketch them paint them. I've not pieced any yet. I did a water color of two tree branches reaching towards each other for Save the Date cards for my Son and his Lovely WTB.
    I think trees are full of grace, wonder and hope, and I enjoyed seeing your trees and sketch. Thanks :o)


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