Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In need of a good scrap quilt fix.

I needed a good scrap fix....

A while back I had cut up two bins of fabric and am left with a box full
of half square triangles... I think I actually wore out my go cutter blades!
They are not cutting so well anymore after all that! 

I deliberated over it for along time trying to decide what clever thing I could do with them, 
but in the end, I've decided to just make the flying geese quilt I always wanted...
I find when there is a quilt I wan to make that I LOVE so much I can never just make it that way, 
I always get sidetracked and it becomes something else... why is that?
do you relate?
A simple HST quilt is so beautiful, and I have never made one...
so. geese it is... Let's see if I can stick to it..
I dug out EVERY RED I had, and I am cutting it all up... I have quite a stash of red, 
as I think, besides yellow, "Red" is my go-to color...

I don't think I am going to have enough big triangles to make this a king size...LOL
I have a feeling I will get bored before I get that big. 
What do you think?

I do have a load of smaller  triangles so I think what I will do is cut some big red's 
and flip flop every other row... scrappy geese, red geese, scrappy geese etc...

I've made 14 so far...  that's a good start for today....
if I did 31 a day... (need 31per row (for king) LOL
maybe I can get it done before Boo finished school on the 10th?

What do you think? Can I do it? 
or will I get bored and shelve this project...
Does string piecing bore you to tears?
or do you love it?

I love how it looks but I do get very bored... 
now that I have done a mosaic of
how it might look,
perhaps I will persevere!


  1. Hello, stranger! I combat the bored with my laptop and Netflix. Some quilts are just boring to piece but stunning when done. So that is our impetus to finish. What size bed does B sleep in? Maybe this could be for her or your Minnesota cabin?

  2. I love it- Love it! I agree with Tara, I get a good audiobook going that engages me so I can just keep stitching (at nauseum!) Most of the antique quilts I absolutely adore are exactly that: sheer determination and stubborn perseverance: Go GIRL!
    Thought of you guys on the 29th and did a big cheer for B. xox

  3. I do the audiobook thing with all my quilts. Theyneach take about one book!

    Love this one, wish I had time this week to piece with you.


  4. Oh please don't get bored. That will be one beautiful and unique quilt!! I love, love, love it!

  5. Just go for it...if you get bored, put it away for a day or so... your mosaic looks terrific, so i really hope you finish it :)

  6. maybe its just an example of it looked like a good idea in theory, but not in reality. carry on. it will be great.

  7. I think it looks great but my brain is going blank just thinking of feeding all those triangles through the machine. I would probably make a dozen quilts in between so a king size quilt would take me forever. I don' mind though; some quilts are worth it.

  8. Keep going, it will be stunning! Why don't you put out a plea for red scraps...I'm sure lots of us would oblige!

  9. Vibrant! Yes, strip piecing can be super boring but the results are worth it.

  10. please persevere ; )
    both scrappy and structured, colorful and classic
    done in a Victoria flavor
    I think this holds great potential!
    Have fun with it...

  11. This could be a stunning quilt. Are you going to keep with the repetitive colours in a row or was that just for the mosaic? I quite like repetitive combined with random. I think I might keep this for when I want to sew but don't want to think but I expect you'll sew it up in no time.

  12. I so relate to what you are saying. I have a vision and get sidetracked. It is a sign of ADD? I would love to make a HST quilt too, yours looks great.

  13. Stick with it, you can do it! Put on a great podcast, or some great jazz or rock 'n roll, and get in the groove :-) It will so awesome when it's done!

  14. Simply marvelous!!! The red pops so beautifully!

  15. I'm voting for perseverance too :-)

  16. Looks awesome V - love the large red triangles in there! and this is a great time to catch up on movies or audiobooks - I can't listen to them when I'm concentrating on "quilt math", too apt to mess up! Enjoy the zen of repetition - and stock up on extra chocolate! :)

  17. i love dead lines, to help me finish up something, otherwise i tend to get bored easily, i hate string blocks, i am doing a quilt right now that needs 60 of those blocks! needless to say it is taking me a long time to get to the finish line because of these blocks, i wont ever make another quilt with string blocks in it! i will be watching to see how many you do a day, if you start to get bored, make yourself do some of these before you can sew anything else, that is how i am getting my strings done, and if i don't string then i dont get to sew anything else either.

  18. Oh, keep going. Red is definitely a go-to neutral in my scrap box too.

  19. Dear Victoria, I love red colour and I like block Flying geese. So, do, what you like. I love it.

  20. It is fantastic! I think you should go for it- I would churn out as many as I could before I got bored, then keep working on it as leaders and enders when I needed a break. It is gonna be fabulous!

  21. I love how it's turning out already. Great way to use up scraps. I think it's fun to put on a good movie and chain piece away. Puts me into my happy zone.

  22. Alexis has the answer: starters and enders. They multiply faster than rabbits. Audiobooks also a great motivator, if there is a good story line.

  23. It's looking wonderful. If I can get in the zone, I can sew the same thing for hours at a time. Other days, I'm bored with two or three!!

  24. I'm pretty sure you can do it ... all depends on the mind set! I love string - chain piecing (gotta love the hum of the machine). Sometimes it does get boring, but that's okay. I just take a break, do something else for a bit, and then get back to it.

    LOVE the mosaic!

  25. Yes you will likely get bored but you will stick with it to the end and it will be sensational--cottonreel

  26. I have a feeling that this is as close to a Red & White quilt that you will ever do. You could call it your Red & (anything but) White!

  27. Looks amaizing! Keep going, it will be soooooo worth it! I do string piece all the time if I can, it's a means to an end. Or if I have other things I want to get done, I do this sort of piecing as leaders and enders Bonnie Hunter style :)

  28. Adding my voice both to the "Yes! Go for it!' camp, and to the "What's your hurry? Leaders and enders" (and betweeners, which I also use) idea.

  29. I think that you will be making this a KING for sure! It can't be any different in your home right??

  30. This will be stunning, and you will get it finished sooner or later, I am sure. I don't like the boredom of chain piecing, but I do it when I want to get something done. I reward myself with fun things in between, like making fabric or a small "What if I . . ." quilt.

  31. Have never chain pieced ... doesn't sound like fun but your geese look fab ... bet it will be a king!
    The Kito Kengo pics are very interesting ... kept looking for the fans (as in a fan quilt) & finally caught on that you meant fan as in a breeze (after following the link to his other work ... installation) ... haha


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