Friday, May 6, 2011

flag revisited...

Long ago and far away, I made a this quilt for my darling husband...
way before I took this (quilt making) seriously...
although it was never finished, and it went into a bin to be lost for years.
It was basted at one point, but I stole the pins when I needed them for another project....

The above quilt I made,  inspired by a shopping bag I had seen.
  I used WHITE, (I know, Me white? what was I thinking?)
and a bunch of fabric from Walmart, but
Get this! I used NAVY BLUE thread... (doh!)
I know, I know, I learned a few things along the way.... ;-)

This morning I saw Lynne's tutorial for her Brit flag quilt block
And since it's the hubby's bday soon,
I thought, well, Maybe I could take a second crack at that idea...

I made this way to quickly, and I made a few errors along the way, yet again.
Over all, I think it's pretty darn cute, and maybe I will attempt to make him a new quilt
for his office with a variety of blocks like this,
Mixing up all the fabrics and see where it goes.

Do I get stumped or do I keep going?  

I keep going...  

make a mistake, 
accept it,
let it go, 

and keep on sewing...

The process is so fun! 
Enjoy it!


  1. Love your Brit flags, both of them--and your Brit sweety. I hope you'll include the original in the bday quilt. I especially like the crooked plaids in the new one.

  2. yes, I really did not pay attention to anything... I rushed the whole thing... there in lies the lesson! ;-)
    mistakes don't bother me though... keep on plugging along!

    live and learn!

  3. I'm learning...process not product. If we focus on process, we learn.
    Love the Brit blocks!

  4. I really like your block, the colors are perfect!

  5. Live, Learn and Love the Brit blocks!!! I had such fun improvising my unionjack for THE wedding, and thought humm... this would make a fun quilt! :) Can't wait to see you do it! xox

  6. Looks like fun, I especially love the plaids, it adds to the piece. Have a great weekend!

  7. Looks like you were a trendsetter way before you knew it! Those Brit flags are popping up everywhere now. I like both of your versions.

  8. Great flag blocks: yes, make more!

  9. Listening to your dialogue - sounded like me, talking to my piano students...if you make a mistake or two? keep going! is it the end of the world? NO! But - make sure you are being expressive and making music, while you're playing, always! anyone can play the notes - but only a musician can play music! :) and so it is with you and your art, isn't it?! Have a lovely day everyone!

  10. During the wedding I became totally obessed with making some of these!!! i laid down and now I'm better.... wanted a royal mug or a t=towel too... none of the above happened...

    my dad;s wife is a Brit too... love Brits! (dated one in HS and bought my senior prom dress in London... wink)

  11. Hooray for play! I agree with LeeAnn...the angled plaids are fun!

  12. Oh wow I love what you did with this - the fabric choices are just so pretty - and I love the live and learn approach!

  13. Oh, love the Union Jacks. I'm making a bunch myself. Yes- Keep going! :) Excited to meet you with Jackie later this week. Travel safe!!


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