Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shelly in NYC

Shelly and I, in front of our Group Quilt "Color Quartet"
Shelly is here for TX. So we've been getting into all sorts of trouble...
We went out to dinner with Andrea last night, then off to a show on Broadway
called "Motherfuxxr with a hat" with Chris Rock....
It was great! Addicts, recovery, loads of swearing and funny as all get out. 
We strolled though Times square, came back and sewed til midnight... of course.

Today, we got up, sewed, and took off for some NYC sight seeing...  
First Stop City Quilter...
We came out of the store, and said, oh! let's take a picture, so we put out heads 
together and attempted to take a picture of ourselves, until we busted a gut laughing, 
as Shelly accidentally grabbed my boob!
me: Excuse me? 
SORRY!, She said!  laughing, I just grabbed...
UM , yeah! I know!
Oopsie, sorry about that!
Every picture we took our mouths are gaping from laughing so hard...

Every picture we took our mouths are gaping from laughing so hard...


I of course, did not need ANYTHING, BUT, well maybe
(all that they had on the bolt! and then I went a little crazy.....)

I'm just the tour guide...  I didn't need to spend!

I didn't feel so bad, because this is the most fabric I have ever seen Shelly spend at once... 
Who is the bad influence?
We strolled a bit more,   walked through the flea market...
 Great patterns on these chairs!
 Would have loved to have taken this sewing machine home.... Isn't it beautiful!

 Then it was a cab ride down to Purl to salivate over the yarn... yes, the yarn, not the fabric...
All I want to do in that store is buy yarn...  Yummy glorious yarn.... 
We both walked out empty handed... We restrained ourselves... ;-)

We stopped to see the quilts at my show, then back home to sew our brains out...

What did you do today?  Hope your having some fun too!
If you out with you gal pals, remind them to keep their hands to themselves!

(This girl is trouble I tell ya....beware!)


  1. Living vicariously thru you three is almost as good as being there and I can do it in my pajamas while I sew. Many thanks for such good coverage!~!

  2. What a FUN day! I love the group quilt you made - so impressed every time I see it!

    I really enjoyed this post, Victoria. It just exemplifies the good things in life. Thanks for the pick-me-up (I just finished 4 1/2 hours of marking and needed a little fun and frivolity, even if I'm experiencing it vicariously through you).

  3. What fun to spend the day showing a friend around.
    I spent the day in the woods, walking on paths and around ponds.


  4. What a fun day!! I decided it was my day to practice free motion quilting and my machine decides to start acting up. Can't get the thread tension right. Grrrr....
    Have some fun for me, too!!

  5. The best kind of day...laughing with a friend.

  6. Ha! I can't tell who the instigator is. I think you're both guilty! Looks like you're having fun. Keep up the good work!

  7. Looks like loads of fun...and yes that sewing machine is beautiful!!

  8. What a perfect day!! I would LOVE TO have tagged along! Minus the boob grabbing of course ;) lol!

  9. Okay... Too funny... I spoke to you today and totally forgot that Shelly was there!! Hi Shelly. You certainly have the perfect weekend for visiting. You are having way too much fun. Don't forget to take her to the silks....

  10. Say hi to Shelly and keep having fun without getting into TOO much trouble.

  11. Oh, man! You are having so much fun. When I come to NYC I want to hang with YOU at the City Quilter! LOL.

    And I want to find me some peoples and do one of those chopped quilt things.


  12. Love reading about your trips. Love your blog. You life seems so colourful and NYC seems grand. Keep those post coming.

  13. Victoria and Jackie! Smart photo against very interesting квилта! I congratulate!

  14. I enjoyed that trip through New York - and a visit to Purl - ooh! Had not a bad day myself, yesterday - went with a friend to two, yes two, quilt shows - one a group show with good honest patchwork and the other a one woman show with an astonishing quantity of the most wonderful and colourful large and small quilts.

  15. You girls are Double Trouble! I just loved hearing about your day. Nothing better than a good giggle, I always say. Wishing you more of the same. ;-))

  16. Oh Man! that sounds like so much fun. Everyone needs days like that where your cheeks hurt from bust-out laughing.
    Great post!

  17. So much fun!
    What is that grey fabric with the little ovals?

  18. Wa-hoo! Your laughing photo makes me laugh with y'all.

  19. always enjoy your pics and stories!! color quartet and the painted chairs...WOW. so much fun to be had in the big apple. today, its the happy, joyful big apple. as always, thanks for sharing. :>)

  20. I love that color quartet quilt. I'd like to know more about how that happened!


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