Saturday, April 16, 2011

rocking to the oldies...

 AHHHH, weekends.... Me and Boo got out of the city this weekend to our house... 

Hubby had to go to London for the weekend.
He sent me the view from the TATE while he was having lunch
after seeing our friend Bridget Riely's show there...Wish I was there! 
But being at my house is just as good... 
I haven't been out here in over a month
Things need to be done... like cutting back my raspberry bushes before
they take over my entire garden... LOL!

I have both of my sewing machine in the city, so I am without this weekend... 
Besides finishing up some bindings on 12x12's, and a little crochet, 
I visited my friend Helen (AKA: MOM) on the 
way out here and dropped off our Cheddar GUILD quilt so she could bind it. 
She gave me my signature block! Isn't it sweet?
My first one... Thank you Helen!  
If you want to contribute a signature block for my quilt, please see this post.
Once more OLDIE... Grandmother's flower garden.... I have no idea how many times I
have posted this quilt just to try get my inspired to work on it.  
I thought that would work but it hasn't...
Today I actually dug it out, hung it up, and cut 
out  a few brown blocks....  I know there are other clever ways to sew this 
quilt together, but this 
is how I learned to piece patchwork in Jr. high school, and from my grandmother... 
It's very putzy...
Or maybe it's just ME!  I started this quilt, aprox. 6 years ago...

I cut many of the flowers out right off the bat, so I have many of those done, 
that's good.
I am thinking I will just finish this quilt with whatever amount of
flowers I have already made.
It will make a nice size lap quilt, one day!

I don't really have that much more to do, it's just getting myself to do it.... 
Well, here is proof that I did a little on it today, 
but I can tell you, writing this post is my distraction from doing 
much more on it today...

 I look so serious... haha!  Looking at this picture reminded me that I am wearing
my very cool, vintage, western snap front men's shirt.... 
Can you see the print on the shirt?  No?  
let me get a better shot of it... 
(that will keep me from working on my flower garden quilt a little longer....)

It's my CHURN DASH SHIRT!  I bought it thinking I'd cut it up...  
until I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Quilter's delight!

What is the longest it has taken you to finish a quilt?  
How many years is it?


  1. Oh I think my record for finishing a quilt is seven years. Luckily I came back to it and still liked it. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Stay warm.

  2. Hah! I have a grandmother's hexagon quilt I started when I was at school...(35 years ago) 35?? Arghh!! No intention of ever finishing it...took me 30+ years to do ANY patchwork again!

  3. Love Helen's little block! Nice to be in the country. HA... Love the shirt! I think I would have done the same thing, just put it on. Hmmm... now that is definitely a question to ponder... some quilts I think forever! Or at least it seems that way!

  4. I recently finished a 30"x30" wall hanging I started 32 years ago. Now, I am sorry I finished it. I liked it so much better before. Maybe I will rip all the machine quilting out and do some hand quilting. I think I will like it much better if I do.

  5. Haven't touched a computer for a week! Time at the house sounds perfect, and I know about procrastinating! Longest finish for quilt? - Joseph's coat is going on three years and I'm about 2/3 finished.

  6. If we are only counting projects that were actually finished...6 years. Hawaiian Applique.

  7. I have a hexagon quilt I've been working on for a couple of years. Between that and any hand quilting I have on the go, they are my no-sewing-machine-required projects. Great for taking on holidays!!
    LOVE your churn dash shirt!!
    Andi xx

  8. my first Dear Jane took me 4 years and 9 months from the first hand stitched block to the last hand quilting stitch - I did have to put it aside for almost a year after I finished piecing it before I was able to clear off the quilting frame to get it on it to quilt it and I took many breaks while piecing it and finished. I don't know how many quilts I made and finished while I was making this one -- I have a second Dear Jane quilt waiting in line right now to be quilted.

  9. I have one I started when I was pregnant with my youngest...she just turned 30! Ummmm and its not done yet.....a burgundy lonestar.

    Happy Sewing

  10. I think it has to be my GFG quilt. I know I was sewing hexi's on a bus trip in 2004...and I've got the borders on it this winter. Now it's in line for hand quilting. Fortunately I was living in a 1 bdrm apt when I started quilting, so I finished every project I started and only bought fabric for what I was working on. Now I'm busting with a 3 bdrm house! :-) p.s. LOVE the shirt!

  11. Love the shirt! I started a hexagon quilt 11 years ago, finished the top last year, still to be quilted!! Problem is I'm not fussed on the colours now, sigh! xo

  12. My record is my first quilt. Started it in 1969 finished it in 1992. I'm also trying to find my groove working on some grandmother flower garden blocks. love the brown.

  13. I too was working on a grandmother's flower garden quilt today. This is my second attempt. I never finished my first attempt and I eventually lost it which makes me sad because it had actual feedsack material on that one that I got from my great grandmother. She is the one who first interested me in quilting. She gave me the scraps when she finished making one for my mom. She started it when my mom was a little girl (late 40's, early 50's) and finished it when I was 13. That's a long time. I hope to finish this one a little faster than that.

  14. 8 years. My insane quilt project-watercolor quilt.

    I have a couple of 1.5-2 year old UFOs at the moment, I'm hoping to focus on some of those the rest of this year. :)

  15. 20 years. It was a quilt I started for my oldest son and I did not like it so I let it sit until he pestered me to finish it for him. I gave it to him for Christmas last year.

  16. I haven't any long standing unfinished projects ..... because we have a coal fire we light most evenings, and if a project has been lying about for too long it's because I don't like it so it goes into the fire. No taking it back. I recommend it - it's very liberating!

  17. I couldn't possibly compete with over thirty years for a project, that's longer than I've been quilting. Obviously some good things take time. I do like your shirt, it's just right for a quilter.

  18. hehehehe cute shirt & love the signature block :)



  19. Last year I finished a king size ocean waves quilt I started in 1992! Amazingly, I had the top finished long ago - just couldn't stick with dragging that huge thing through my machine to quilt it! But you know - I'm SO glad it's done!

    good luck with those hexies!

  20. Love hearing how long some of these quilts sat unfinished...makes me not feel quite so bad about my rose quilt!

    Of course, I still have projects from when I first started quilting that are undone, so....oh well!

    Have a lovely time out at the house!

    p.s. I LOVE that churn dash shirt. :)

  21. check out my last two posts. That anniversay(?) quilt got started at least 10 ears ago.
    Love your shirt.

  22. My first quilt isn't finished yet...10 years. I have finished some quilts, but have several ufos, mostly class projects. I usually finish things I start on my own.
    Nice shirt. I love wearing mens shirts. They fit me better than womens. I'm just not that curvy, and have broad shoulders and long arms!
    Hellen's block is lovely...a hexie in the middle too.

  23. Ooooh I have postcards of Bridget Riley's work from a visit to the Tate Liverpool! Very inspiring! Was a beautiful weekend for a visit!

    Love your mums sigi block - beautiful! Longest quilt..... hmmm 10 years, but I just gave an unfinished one that had been around for the last 8 years to a freind so she can finish it for one of her brood - my Teenage Diva had definitely outgrown it! And I still have a top that I made just after my son was born and he's 18 this year - Ooops better get that one quilted!

  24. Five years and a couple of month!!! My youngest daughter´s quilt!!! I´ve started when I was pregnant, in order to be her baby quilt ... it ended as her single bed quilt when she was five years and two month old!!!! Best of all, she totally loved it!!! Go for your grandmother´s garden quilt, it will be finished some day!!! jajajaja Marina

  25. The grandma's flower garden quilts are always so beautiful. I found one at a thrift store about 3 years ago and I want to quilt it but I do not know where to start. It fits nicely on my king sized bed. Very big. Any ideas on how I should quilt it. I asked at the local quilt shop here but they were not interested in machine quilting it for me.
    I am going to take a photo and post it on my blog sometime this week.

  26. I love your shirt!!! This is the 11th and FINAL year for a Lady of the Lake quilt that I started before I had kids! It will be finished this year - even if I have to sew all night on New Year's Eve. Actually I plan to have the queen size quilt done for my 15th wedding anniversary in July{but I said that LAST year too}! Keep going! The brown hexies are lovely.


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